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Spencer Park Community Tennis Club

Spencer Park Community Tennis Club (SPTC) was established in April 2016.  The  aim of the club is to facilitate continued use of the four tennis courts in Spencer Park given that the local authority no longer has the resources to provide staff to regulate admission to and booking of the courts.  To use these facilities you have to join SPTC by either registering on this site as a family member or by sending an email request to friendsofspencerpark@gmail.com.  Membership costs £25 per year.  You will be provided with the access code for the lock on the gate to the courts.  Please note that the courts will not be in use if the surface is wet or icy. 

This website, provided by the Lawn Tennis Association, allows you to book your court in advance. Priority use of a court will be given to those who have made a booking via this website.

Spencer Park Community Tennis Club is part of the Friends of Spencer Park, Registered Charity Number 1176323

Terms and Conditions

As a member you agree:

  1. that it is the personal responsibility of each member not to play on the courts when they are wet or otherwise unsafe
  2. to report any risks and incidents i.e. health and safety issues or damage which might be dangerous for play
  3. to use appropriate footwear (any shoes with black soles, or bars, studs and sharp serrations on the soles must not be used)
  4. to use the courts in a responsible manner
  5. always have your membership card available to show to other club members and members of the Friends committee
  6. to reserve a court via the online booking system
  7. that each member has a playing time of one hour a day per membership number, subject to availability, and to vacate the courts after the booked period if others are waiting to play
  8. not to give the lock code to non-members
  9. not to leave the lock code on public display, you need to lock the lock to do this.
  10. to lock the courts after use if no one else is playing.


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