Racket Restringing

Racket Restringing

Available to members and non members by Nancey Taylor, Club Coach
Please contact me to arrange a restring on 07817242105 or [email protected]

Drop offs/Collections to St Albans Tennis Club – I am there coaching most weekdays/early evening and Saturday morning. I can usually restring your racket within 48 hours. 

Payment: I can still accept cash but you can also pay by bank transfer.

Strings Available:

Synthetic Gut Strings - £20

A very popular string choice for club players, good for comfort and playability. Available in black or white

Prince Synthetic Gut with Duraflex – Great quality string

Wilson Sensation – Good comfort for players with tennis elbow

Babolat Synthetic Gut – PINK

Head Synthetic Gut Multifilament – YELLOW

Wilson Synthetic Gut Power – ELECTRIC BLUE


Monofilament Strings – from £20

A durable polyester string, good for harder hitters and string breakers, not so kind on the arm so juniors and those with tennis elbow issues should try to avoid.

NEW - Head Lynx – NEON YELLOW or RED – very popular choice right now!

Head Sonic Pro – Black

Babolat RPM Blast – A softer polyester string for those that like power and durability but kinder on the arm than some other polyester strings. Also claims to increase spin. 
Price £25

Hybrid - £20

A combination of synthetic gut and polyster strings for playability and durability and often the next step on from synthetic gut.

Combinations to try: Black and Pink, Blue and Black, Black and Neon Yellow (looks cool!)  Pink and Neon Yellow,  (in one of my rackets, come and see!)

Own String – If you want to provide your own string that’s fine too
Price £15

String Tension

Let me know if you know what tension you would like your racket strung at. If you’re not sure there is a tension range on each racket eg: 50lb to 60lb. Strung towards 50lb and the strings will feel looser and will give you more power, the string bed may feel more bouncy. String towards 60lb and the strings will feel stiffer, will give you more control and the string bed will feel harder. If you’re not sure then around the middle is very popular!

I can also re grip your racket if required, Cost £5