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In line with the updated rules from H M Government the Stratfield Mortimer Tennis Courts are open to the public for restricted play on both courts. 

This will require vigilance from all players to adhere to the Government guidelines on social distancing and play tennis in a safe and responsible manner. 

Please note the following conditions for play on the tennis court.



Based on LTA guidelines issued 10.09.2020


  • Singles - two people on the court.  Players can be from different households.
  • Doubles - four people on the court. Players can be from different households.  
  • Coached sessions with children should be limited to group sizes of no more than 15, including coach(es).
  • Coaches can run larger adult gatherings as long as able to maintain social distancing.
  • Allow any players from the previous session to leave the court safely before you enter the court area.


  • FOR INFORMAL SOCIAL PLAY, from Monday 14 September group size is limited to a maximum of 6 people by law. This means you can play tennis providing people only meet up with no more than 5 other people from different households and observe social distancing guidelines.
  • Larger groups are only permitted for organised activity, including coached sessions, club nights and competitions, provided the activity is in accordance with the COVID-19 Secure guidelines - including a thorough risk assessment and event delivery plan.


  • Stay at least two metres away from other players at all times (including during play, when taking breaks and before and after play)
  • Do not make physical contact with other players (such as shaking hands or high five)
  • Stay on your side of court and avoid changing ends, or agree to change ends at opposite sides of the net


  • Bring hand sanitizer and/or wipes with you.
  • Wipe keypad before entering the court and when locking up after your session.
  • Use your own clearly marked tennis balls.
  • Take all your own equipment (do not share equipment such as rackets, grips, hats and towels).
  • Avoid using your hands to pick up tennis balls that are not yours - use your racquet/foot to hit/kick them to your opponent.  
  • Avoid using other equipment such as courtside benches, net handles or court sweepers where possible.  
  • Onsite facilities are not available.


  • Spectators are discouraged except where attendance of a parent/guardian (non-participant) or a carer for a disabled player is required.


Stratfield Mortimer is located just south of Reading in West Berkshire.

The Fairground dominates the centre of the village and is where the two asphalt tennis courts are located (beside the Community Centre building).

The courts are open to the public for pay-and-play during daylight hours ONLY and are also used by Mortimer Tennis Club.

NOTE:  Only FOUR playing members are allowed per court at any one time.
Please take care as the surface may be slippery in inclement weather.

Please note that the tennis courts are not flood lit and that there are no changing facilities on site.

The tennis courts are registered as a British Tennis Venue and comply with the standards as published by the LTA.  Details can be found on our Policies page. 



  •   £5.00 per court per hour 


“It's no accident, I think, that tennis uses the language of life. Advantage, service, fault, break, love, the basic elements of tennis are those of everyday existence, because every match is a life in miniature. Even the structure of tennis, the way the pieces fit inside one another like Russian nesting dolls, mimics the structure of our days. Points become games become sets become tournaments, and it's all so tightly connected that any point can become the turning point. It reminds me of the way seconds become minutes become hours, and any hour can be our finest. Or darkest. It's our choice.” 
― Andre Agassi


Stratfield Mortimer Parish Council can be contacted at:

27 Victoria Road (behind the library), Mortimer, Reading, Berkshire RG7 3SH

Telephone: 0118 933 1955

Please watch for announcements and look at our NEWS page

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