Team up with friends in fun, local competitions

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What is Team Challenge?

Team Challenge is great for anyone on the LTA Youth Programme.

It’s the Twenty 20 of tennis: short matches, small teams, quick fire.

Not the norm (although Norman is welcome) and anyone else for that matter – we cater for any number.

The more the merrier: mates, school friends or kids from the local club.

Yes, it’s competitive but everyone’s a winner: medals for the victors, certificates for the challengers.

There are two formats

Match Weeks

Slot into weekly coaching programmes, usually halfway through a term, and are a great way to play some competitive, fun matches in small teams.


Are bigger events that can take place at any time, often on the weekends or during schools holidays. These often involve the whole club and can even be themed around events, like Halloween.

Why play Team Challenge?

  • In short, playing with teammates is much more enjoyable
  • It doesn’t matter what level you are, everyone can play
  • You get to play lots of quick matches at a local venue

Team challenge events are put together by an organiser at a nearby venue with each competition lasting between 2-3 hours and there is a small fee to enter.

Team Challenge features

  • Local Matches

    Team Challenge is a chance for players to get on court with their friends locally. Players are expected to travel 30 minutes or less to get to their local event but this may vary slightly.

  • Scoring Formats

    There are plenty of exciting scoring options which will suit your level of play. Tie-break scoring, FAST4 or timed tennis, there’s something for everyone.

  • Age Groups

    Some events will have an age range to ensure friendly and fun competition. Most events are about your ability rather than age, so there are events with the different ball colours – red, orange, green and yellow ball.

  • Team

    All events are team-based where both girls and boys can get involved. Team sizes vary between 2 to 6 players (or sometimes even more) with team names and mascots encouraged. Contact your local organiser for help with putting your team together today.