Choose a Tennis @ the park venue to visit

Household Membership

Membership of [email protected] is just £40 per household or £30 with concessions, this entitles everybody who lives in your house to book tennis courts free of charge on any of the tennis courts that [email protected] operate*.  These courts are at Sydney Gardens, Keynsham Memorial Park** and Alice Park. You dont have to be a member as you can also play on the court by using pay and play for £6 per court/per hour.

*At busy times booking restrictions may be placed on the courts.  This restricts individuals to 4 hours of bookings on one park site in any 7 day period.   This enables fair access to the courts and provides the opportunity for more people to play.

** The courts in Keynsham will be opeing at the beginning of September 2021.



Concessions Membership

12 months membership

Concessions price available to those receiving Job Seekers Allowance, Income Support; Employment & Support Allowance and full-time Carers.

Eligibility: Eligibility: Individuals must be in receipt of Job Seekers Allowance, Income Support; Employment & Support Allowance or full-time Carers. Proof of eligibility must be sent to Wesport before your membership will be activated.

[email protected] Annual Household Membership

12 months membership

Annual household membership for [email protected]

Eligibility: Annual membership entitles anybody living at your address to book courts at the three parks venues.