About us

Welcome to Tennis Edge, we are here to bring tennis to everyone!

Affordable coaching & knowledgable coaches combined with a friendly atmosphere - we aim to make everyone in our 'tennis family' feel as passionately about tennis as we do!

We coach and support all players of all ages, a pathway from toddlers, to schools, into club and community venues and beyond.

In 2016 our head coach Chris Stocker won Norfolk LTA 'Coach of the year', a fantastic acheivement and recognition of Chris as an individual. He is part of a team of coaches who have been delivering tennis for over 30 years between them and produce a significant proportion of Norfolk's top players, working with and supporting those who play at Regional, National and European events.

We are the largest deliverer of Tennis Leaders courses in the county and work with muliple schools partnerships to educate young leaders. Many of these youngsters assist in groups, at events, and in their local club/venue. In 2016 Sam Alcock was awarded Norfolk LTA 'Young volunteer of the year' to recognise his outstanding contribution to tennis, he has developed his leading skills through our courses and with guidance from the coaching team. Sam also won through the 'Road to Wimbledon' event in 2015 and was lucky enough to play and train (with Tim Henman!) at Wimbledon.

In recent years we have been delivering more and more inclusive tennis and will soon be expanding our offering with wheelchair tennis lessons at our accesssable venues.

We are leaders in initiatives such as girls tennis, dramatically increasing the number of females in our sport and competing and are always on the look out for our next female super star!