Youth Tennis

Our Youth Tennis Coaching Programmes cater to children from the age or 4 - 18 years of age. There are five different stages to the LTA's Youth Tennis Programme which are detailed below these are detailed below.

Youth Tennis Blue - Learn the basics (Age 4-6)

This is an introduction to tennis. Here, we’ll help kids improve their balance, agility and co-ordination while teaching them about the sport we love. At this stage it’s not about winning or losing, it’s just getting to grips with the basics and have a lot of fun doing this.

Youth Tennis Red - Serve, rally and score (Age 6-8)

This will look a bit more like the tennis you know. You’ll see overarm serves, rallies and volleys. Coaches will help children to further develop their co-ordination, balance and speed. We’ll introduce relaxed competition here too.

Youth Tennis Orange - Develop a rounded game (Age 8-9)

Time to throw in some tactics, problem-solving, and guides to sportsmanship and leadership. At this stage children will know all of the rules and will be serving and returning in matches.

Youth Tennis Green - Test your skills (Age 9-11)

This is the big one. It’s time for kids to play on full size courts. Now it’s all about growing their game by fine tuning and refining the techniques they’ve learned so far. 

Youth Tennis Yellow - Take your skills further (Age 10+)

The programmes and classes for our 10-18 year old player’s focus on continued technical development ie stroke mechanics, swing paths and footwork patterns.

We also start to differentiate between boys and girls at this stage as their physical development tends to progress at different rates with girls being a year or so ahead of the boys in their physical maturity at this stage.

More  emphasis is also placed on developing tactical awareness and assisting players in developing their own style of play based on their individual attributes. Mental training is also incorporated as player start to compete and have to cope with the pressure of competitive situations.

Key points:

  • Although we’ve assigned ages to each stage, this is just a guide.
  • We understand kids want to play in groups and with their friends, so whatever stage they start at, all kids will see progression.
  • In every LTA Youth stage, kids will be active, having fun and developing skills!

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