Terms & Conditions


  • Please read all the information carefully. You accept these terms and conditions when entering into any coaching related activities through the Tennis Plus Academy (TPA) coaching team at any venue or location where the Tennis Plus Academy is the operator.
  • Anyone receiving tennis lessons from TPA as the provider, whether group or individual sessions does so with the acknowledgement of these terms and conditions and therefore agrees to abide by them.
  • All coaches have been DBS checked with up to date LTA accredited licences & public liability insurance.
  • All coaches have valid first aid training and valid safeguarding certification.
  • TPA operates a pro-rata payment system on all group programmes. If there is a space free on the class you wish to book during any point before the terms ends, you will be allowed to book and pay the remaining price for that particular term.
  • TPA reserve the right to cancel any class due to adverse weather conditions. You will be informed of any cancellation up to 1 hour of that session starting. If you do not hear from us to notify you of a cancellation then assume the lesson will run. Please note only lessons cancelled by the coaching team will be subject to a credit for a future session or a refund.
  • For all individual lessons, shared lessons and small private group lessons, you will need to give the coach 48 hours notice upon cancellation by e-mail
    to tennisplusacademy@gmail.com otherwise you agree to pay 50% of the full lesson fee. This is non-negotiable. For no shows without any notice, you agree to pay the full price of the lesson.
  • Places on classes can not be held open. Payment has to be made before commencement of the first week unless spaces are available during the term.
  • You agree to advise us immediately of any change to your details held on our customer database.
  • When booking please make sure to include any food allergies, specific medical conditions or injuries that you or your child may have that we should be made aware of beforehand.
  • TPA reserves the right to suspend or terminate your session/s if you behave in a way that breaches the coaching code of conduct. (see below: Tennis Plus Academy (TPA) Coaching Code of Conduct)
  • We do not accept liability for any injury sustained during a session or loss, damage to your belongings during your session.
  • Pupils care on court is our highest priority but we do not accept any responsibility when the session is over. It is imperative that you collect your child or have suitable cover in place as we have other classes to take and therefore cannot guarantee safety once their session has finished.
  • When booking any sessions with TPA you agree for us to use your image or that of your child's image for posting onto our website or social media platforms. TPA will never use any images of our coaching clientele anywhere else or for any other purpose. We will only use your image where this would feature in a tennis capacity attending one of our sessions that you have booked for either yourself or your child through TPA. To exempt either yourself or your child's image from being utilised by us in this way please email: tennisplusacademy@gmail.com to confirm this in writing.

Tennis Plus Academy (TPA) Coaching Code of Conduct

Player Charter

Whilst attending coaching sessions, it is necessary that all players abide by the authority of the coaches, who represent TPA. Aggressive behaviour towards staff/coachers or other players will not be tolerated.

All players are expected to take all their rubbish with them and leave the tennis courts, changing rooms clean and tidy for the next player to use and enjoy.

Behaviour such as swearing, racquet throwing etc. may result in a warning or withdrawal from the session and the programme. Bullying in particular will not be tolerated. Parents will be informed should their child be involved in any incident involving disciplinary action, and

individuals may not be allowed to continue with their coaching should their behaviour continue to adversely affect the group.

Parents Charter

At the Tennis Plus Academy (TPA) we appreciate that supporting and advising parents is absolutely key from an early age. We ask for your support by following the below guidelines.

Praise effort over outcome (Growth Mindset)

Try to encourage independence by not watching every training session and match

Encourage your child to show respect and appreciation

Look for positives and reinforce these as much as possible

Be consistent with your messages and behaviour, children like consistency

Encourage internal motivation by making your child feel competent, autonomous and related.

Try not to do anything for your child that they can do themselves, this could include packing their tennis bag or carrying it to the court.

Wet Weather & Cancelled Lessons Policy:

Sessions cancelled by the coaching team e.g. due to wet weather, illness will be refunded at the end of the block / or can be used as a future lesson booking credit. To claim your refund please send over bank transfer details at the end of the block. Regrettably we can not offer any refunds for non-coach cancelled sessions where the class has gone ahead but a player misses a session for whatever reason. I hope you can appreciate that under these circumstances when the session does go ahead both our coach and facility hire costs have to be met,

If a class is cancelled by the coach you will be contacted in advance via the mobile telephone number provided. Please keep us updated with the best number to use for you