She Rallies: Here come the girls!

She Rallies is a new initiative championed by Judy Murray aimed at getting more girls playing tennis and more women coaching tennis.

You don’t even have to be a qualified tennis coach to get involved and help out with this programme. Nottingham’s She Rallies ambassador, Sasha Jones will be running training courses to teach women in our region how to deliver She Rallies sessions to girls of all ages.


Are you a teacher, a Brownie leader, a Rainbows leader, a community leader delivering out of school activities, a mum whose kids play, or a club member or volunteer who wants to get more involved??

You can go on a FREE course in your local area to become a She Rallies Activator which will allow you to roll out or assist with girls’ tennis activity in your community. There are four courses available:

Lil Miss-HitsLearn to deliver sessions for girls aged 5-8. This is a non-technical course so you don’t have to be a qualified tennis coach to learn to teach it. Each session lasts 45 mins and is full of simple skill building activities and games, designed to introduce girls to starter tennis in a fun environment. Perfect for teachers, students, mums, sports leaders, community workers and club members. Lil Miss-Hits makes starter tennis delivery simple and fun.

Tennis for starter Teen Girls Learn to deliver tennis sessions to girls aged 11+. This course provides teachers, students, club members, parents and sports/youth leaders with lots of individual, paired and team activities, ideal for developing the skills needed to play tennis, along with many fun games that provide a basic introduction to tactical doubles play and court positioning. Teen tennis does not require a tennis court and will focus on delivering to big numbers in whatever space is available. This course will make our sport both simple and fun to deliver, in schools, parks and clubs.

Fun Days - The Fun Day course will give attendees a whole range of ideas for running sessions aimed at whatever age and stage is targeted. From beginners to improvers & performers, from under 10s to over 60s. We will show you how to run drop in sessions for new starts or old hands, bring a friend days, mums and daughters days, themed days…using whatever space, time and equipment you have available. These days are great for bringing girls together and for boosting your numbers at the club or park.

Recreational Competition - This course will show you how to bring fun into competition and run team events or doubles events for girls – with a twist, introducing funky rules and out of the box scoring systems.  We need more girls competing in school, club and county teams so we must make it fun. Girls like being with their friends so team events are our goal.  We will show you how to maximise your numbers and your court space by running skills stations alongside the matches.




Confirmed course dates for 2017: 
Lil Miss Hits (starter tennis for girls aged 5-8 years): 17th May 2017 - 10-12pm - Melbourne Park YMCA
Recreational Competition: 30th May 2017 - 12.30-3.30pm - Nottingham Tennis Centre
Recreational Competition: 13th June 2017 - 4-6pm - Nottingham Tennis Centre at the AEGON Open (Grounds tickets included)
Fun Days: 27th May 2017 - 12.30-3.30pm - Nottingham Tennis Centre
Fun Days: 13th June 2017 - 1-3pm - Nottingham Tennis Centre at the AEGON Open (Grounds tickets included)

If you are interested in attending one of the courses please contact Sasha Jones on or 07891 129757. All of the courses are FREE of charge - maximum numbers apply so book your place now!

Your She Rallies Ambassador, Sasha Jones - who will deliver your training, will be able to advise you on how you can get involved. We recommend you arrive for the training courses in active wear and trainers. Once you are trained we will then send you an equipment pack and suggest how we can work with you to fit in with the local tennis plans in your area. Your course tutor will explain this on the course.

Judy Murray:“There is still a significant gender gap in terms of players and coaches at all levels of the game. By rallying together, we can create opportunities in tennis from the grassroots up. Whether you’re an existing tennis coach, teacher, parent, student, youth worker, brownie leader or an enthusiastic club member, I have designed 4 courses as part of ‘She Rallies‘, supported by The LTA, which will give you the skills and ideas to deliver starter training and fun competition to girls and women  in your community. If we rally together – pun intended – we will make a difference.”

Rob Dearing, Head of Participation at The Lawn Tennis Association: “We’re committed to growing the game from grassroots up, and we know that women have a key role to play in helping us get there. Judy’s passion and unwavering determination for encouraging people to pick up a racket and have a go is why she’s the perfect person to drive this initiative forward and rally the female troops across the country.” 

To find out more about She Rallies visit the She Rallies website.

Check out She Rallies Midlands on Facebook here.

And Follow us on twitter: @SheRallies

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