Choose a Torbay Parks Tennis venue to visit


When the Courts are open?

The Courts are open during daylight hours. Some courts may be booked for coaching, other activity or events so please check the booking sheet and pre- book courts at all times.

How do I purchase the Annual Pass? Or book a court?

Visit Torbay Parks Tennis for further information and instruction. Payment is made online via our clubspark customer system and the charge is £35 for per household per annum.

Do I have to be a resident of Torbay to join or play?

No, anyone can join.

I only want to play once or twice, what can I do?

We offer pay to play tennis charged at £6 per hour per court per 60 mins.  Simply register, book and pay for your court hour and enter the access code detailed on your confirmation email at the gate.

How do I add members of my household to my account?

Go to your account, click member info and click add member, then just enter their name/email address. If you have any problems please contact us during working hours. 

Once I have an Annual Pass do I still have to pay court fees?

All courts are free once you have this part of the scheme. Booking restrictions do apply to ensure that all users have a fair opportunity to use courts. 

If I have purchased an Annual Pass am I tied into a contract?

No. You initially pay for 1 year’s 'usage' and, if you want to carry on using the courts after that, pay for each year's renewal as you go.

If I have purchased an Annual Pass when does my membership start?

The membership will be activated when you register your email address and create a password for a booking account online.

What happens if I purchase an Annual Pass through the year? Do I get a reduced fee to pay?

No, there is no reduced fee. From the time you activate your account that is when your full year starts. 

Once I have joined can I relinquish part way through my year?  

No, once you have joined and paid for your annual pass this will last a year and not be part refunded for any reason.

Is coaching available?

Options for various types of coaching is available depending on location. Check the website for further details

How do I cancel a booking?

You can cancel your booking online. Out of courtesy please cancel as soon as you know so others can play. There is a 24 hour booking cancellation window. Please cancel prior to 24 hours in advance if you can do so.

If I see damage to the courts or anti-social behaviour who should I tell?

If you notice the courts are damaged or unsafe please contact us by email informing the team at Torbay On The Move so we can investigate and arrange repairs.

If you witness anti-social behaviour on courts from users that is not in keeping with those set out in the terms and conditions, please report this to us, so this can be addressed and appropriate action taken.

If you have a problem with anti-social behaviour outside office hours then please call 101 or in an emergency situation please call 999.