Play Tennis

Join us at one of our weekly Club sessions!

Twyford Tennis Club hosts regular Club sessions throughout the week. Open to members of all ages and abilities, we encourage you to come down to the club and meet fellow members and play your favourite game. Join us on:

  • Monday mornings from 9.30am

  • Wednesday mornings from 9.30am

  • Thursday evenings from 7.00pm

  • Sunday mornings from 9am (currently not running but happy to start it up if interest)

We look forward to seeing you there!


Teams Practice - Monday Nights - 7pm - 10pm 

We hold a team practice session for all current LTA Berkshire League players every Monday evening from 7pm until 10pm.

Please note that teams 3 and 4 get priority from 7pm through to 8:30pm, and teams 1 and 2 get priority from 8:30pm through to 10pm. Team captains will decide pairings and opponents, and if no team captain is present then natural team pairs take priority.

The only exception to the above is when there are no captains and/or players from 7pm or 8:30pm in which case other players can begin play, players arriving later will need to wait until any set/s being played fully complete.

Current team captains are:

Mens Teams Captain - Andy Vyronos
- 1sts - Rupesh Ahluwalia
- 2nds - Andy Vyronos
- 3rds - Jon Noy
- 4ths - Simon Meekings
- Team Tennis - Andy Vyronos

Ladies Teams Captain - Rebecca Jenkins  
- 1sts - Rebecca Jenkins
- 2nds - Nicola Wright

Mixed Teams Captain - Rebecca Jenkins  
- 1sts - Rebecca Jenkins
- 2nds - Margaret Croft
- 3rds - Simon Meekings

If you are interested in playing please use the 'Contact Us' section of this website or get in touch with our Mens, Ladies and Mixed team captains.


New Singles and Doubles Team Ladders

Contact: Tim Ward

For all those who have expressed an interest in playing more singles matches, the “Twyford Tennis Club Singles Ladder” is now open.
This is open to ALL abilities and is designed to allow players to connect with those of a similar standard while allowing opportunity for advancement. In fact, the more participants there are, the better the ladder will work.

We will use the “Playwaze” website and app to administer the ladder, which many of you will already be familiar with. Just organise a match using SMS, WhatsApp or email and then enter the score in "Playwaze".

Please register and sign up using the link below:

When you sign up you will all receive an email from PLAYWAZE and the email may end up in your junk/spam folder. Please check over to ensure you accept the invite.


  • You can challenge anyone up to 3 places above you.
  • Matches are best of 3 sets, with the 3rd set being a Championship tie break (tie break to 10 points).
  • Matches can be arranged via Playwaze (which will send out an email), however I will set up a Whattsapp group so everyone has contact details and can arrange matches that way for ease.
  • Matches must be played outside of normal club night hours (Monday & Thursday evenings) unless courts are available and no other players are waiting or looking to play as a 4.
  • The player challenging should provide balls for the match.
  • Once played, input your result into Playwaze. I think that's enough rules but if there's anything I haven't clarified that needs to be just let me know.

Doubles Teams Ladder

We would like to introduce a "Doubles Teams Ladder" but make it integral to Team Practice, in that matches can be played on a Monday night or any other day/time as organised by the challenging pair. We will also highly encourage challenges/matches on weekends/holidays where there are no League matches.

The purpose of this, together with associated benefits, will be to:

  • Remove the dependency of a Monday night (as not all players are able to attend), although highly recommended
  • Encourage and incentivise partners to communicate with each other to turn-up for 'match-like' practice sessions
  • Strengthen the establishment of pairs, an approach already proven to be highly effective
  • Promote healthy competition between all of the team pairs and desire to improve/promote
  • Bring a solid structure to Mondays team practice, pairs that cannot make Monday play another day/time
  • Help pairs deal with 'match-like' pressure of winning/losing points, and associated strategies/tactics

Please visit the following link to register and access the Ladder ASAP:

When you sign up for you will all receive an email from PLAYWAZE and the email may end up in your junk/spam folder. Please check over to ensure you accept the invite.
In terms of cost, and to be clear, it is a free service if you use the website to schedule matches etc. The mobile app is free if you just want to view things. If you also want to schedule matches etc. from the mobile app then you need to pay a small fee - 79p per month or £5.99 per year. I suspect most will stick with the free version...
The Rules are simple!

  • The format is one set or best out of three sets, just agree before you start.
  • Failure to play a match within 30 days will result in your pair going down a place!
  • A pair can challenge any position above at any point in time.
  • Outside of a Monday night - ensure that you book a court for your match using the official twyford tennis club website - do NOT use playwaze.
  • Outside of a Monday night - open or used Club balls can be used for your matches, the recommended etiquette is that the 'challenging pair' provide new balls (balls must carry the ITF approved logo).
  • Changes or new pairs must be discussed and pre-approved by the appropriate team captain/s. An email from a captain will be enough to action the change.
  • A notice period of no less than 48 hours must be provided for a match to be postponed or rescheduled.
  • Results must be entered within 24 hours to ensure people are challenging the correct pair.
  • If a match is stopped due to weather or other club circumstances beyond your control then the match will continue from the latest score.
  • In all other cases, LTA Berkshire League general tennis rules apply
  • Watching a 'winner' shoot past you and shouting profanity is still very much allowed! ;-)   

As always, any questions and/or suggested changes to pairs please speak to your respective captain! Please keep this to players you're likely to be partnered up with and players who will want to play with you (inc. right or left preference.)!  

Please bear in mind that Monday nights will be prioritised as usual by pairs, 7pm-8.30pm (3rds/4ths) and 8.30pm-10pm (1sts/2nds).

Finally, have fun, be safe and respectful, and more importantly let's get and stay league match ready to smash the opposition!

Quick Start Guide:

The way this works is simple, request to play a pair on Monday night or contact a pair to organise a match on another day, using SMS, WhatsApp, or email, after you play the match simply login to the playwaze Ladder and select/tick the pair and then click to enter the result! See below screenshot. If you get stuck let us know.

Go for it and Happy Playing!