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About us

The programme now falls under the GenZ Tennis banner, home of the GenZ Doubles System. This system has developed and nurtured world class doubles talent at all levels of the pro game for many years whilst continuing to evolve. Our coaches have been integral in developing this system and are active participants at all levels of its delivery. This gives us what is truly one of the strongest club coaching teams anywhere in Britain.


What does our programme look like?


Local term time coaching, plus 2 weeks in August (41 weeks total)

One of our greatest aspects in keeping things simple. By running term time there is no confusion about our break weeks as there has been in the past.


Our scheme of work

By running to the local term time this will usually be 5, 6 or 7 weeks in a row. At the start of every week, parents will receive the theme and content of what to expect at their sessions in that week. This helps parents understand what to expect and how drills that your child does relates to the pros. These videos also puts greater accountability on us to deliver the best product we can!


Competition schedule (coming soon)

A massive part of our business is creating greater opportunity for players to compete and really access the sport as a whole. Our programme is built around getting kids up to speed quickly so they can play the sport. We teach kids bat and ball skills to develop their overall game while learning the rules of tennis.


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