Lenches Tennis Club Coaching

Vale Tennis provide a full program of coaching for all ages and abilities at The Lenches Tennis Club.The aim of the Vale Tennis Coaching Programme is to teach children the game of tennis in a fun environment incorporating the latest LTA Techniques & Tactics.

Mini Tennis Red 8 yrs. & Under

Mon 3.45 - 4.30 & Sat 9 - 9.45

You’ll probably start on a small court. It’s dead easy and lots of fun! At this early stage, children are encouraged to develop simple tactics and technique. They start developing the core skills of movement, coordination and basic technique, take part in lots of fun activities and play short matches and team competitions.

Mini Tennis Orange 8 & 9 yrs.

Monday 4.00 - 5.30 pm & Saturday 11-12pm

You’ll have learnt enough skills to play on a bigger 18 m court using a slower orange bal. This helps children to develop an all- court game, using more advanced tactics and technique. Competition includes slightly longer matches and Team Matches.

Mini Tennis Green 10 yrs.

Saturday 11-12pm

The last stage is  a full-size court, the only difference is the ball you use. At this stage we continue technical and tactical development using increased power and spin, as well as specific athletic skills. Next stop the real game!

Tennis 10 & Over

Saturday 10-11pm

Now you are ready for the full game, bring it on!