Tennis Strings

  1. I usually have a wide range of strings in stock so most rackets can be strung wwithn 48 hours. If strings need to be ordered allow 5-7 days.
  2.  Many more string types and combinations are available from Wilson, Prince, Head, Luxilon. Please call or email Andrew Reynolds for more details.
String Colour String type Price String Description
Wilson NXT  Natural Multifillament £22.00 One the best playing synthetic strings on the market. Multifilament construction that looks, feels, and plays very much like Natural Gut.
Wilson Sensation Natural Multifillament £18.00 Wilson's original multifilament string. Great spin, enhanced comfort and response.
Prince Synthetic Gut Duraflex White or Black Synthetic Gut £17.00 The #1 selling string in the world. Something for everyone: good playability, good durability, good price, available in several colors
Prince Premium Touch White Multifillament £22.00 My current favourite: One of the most comfortable strings available, Premier Touch is great for the player in need of maximum comfort and vibration dampening and looking for extra touch.
Prince Xtra Spin Orange or Black Polyester £20.00 Outrageous spin, extra bite, triangular low friction polyester. For extra comfort would be good combined with a multifillament string in the crosses.
Wilson Spin Duo White Synthetic Gut £20.00 Blend of Revolve and Syn Gut Power enhances string snap back for added spin and comfort.
Wilson Revolve White or Black Synthetic Gut £18.00 Maximum Spin: Derived from proprietary UHMW additive allowing string to move freely and snap back quickly.
Wilson NXT + Luxilon Big Banger Alu Natural/Silver Hybrid £22.00 Awesome combination of power and control, many player on the tour use Alu power so must be good. This combination has been used by many of our A Team players.
Champions Choice Duo - Wilson Natural Gut + Luxilon Alu Power Rough Natural/Silver Hybrid £34.00 The ultimate combination as used by Roger Feder. Combining the comfort and control of very expensive natural gut with the high spin and power generating Alu Power Rough.