Useful Info

Playing times:  

Every day 9.00 am – 10.00 pm by when floodlights must be extinguished.

Court bookings:

Courts can be booked online.  Sessions may be booked no more than 7 days in advance. 

Floodlight Play:

Floodlights are operated by tokens. Tokens are included free as part of Members’ subscriptions. They are kept in the red box by the kitchen area.  Members are given instructions regardiing how to access the Clubhouse when they join. 

Two tokens should provide one hour’s worth of lighting on the single courts and four tokens should provide a similar time on paired courts.  If the warning light attached to the floodlight column comes on you have approx. 4 mins within which to feed the meter. Please be aware that once the floodlights go off they have a cooling down period and will not come on for at least another 15 mins

Please ensure if you are the last person to leave the Club that the Clubhouse is locked and the floodlights are turned off.


Members are required to provide their own balls (in good playing condition) for Social Tennis and fixed games. Tubes containing 4 balls can be purchased from the Bar at reasonable cost.

Fixed Games:

Outside the times allocated for Social Tennis members are free to make up their own games on available courts. Doubles take precedence over singles. Singles play in progress ends at the close of the game currently in progress if a ‘four’ is waiting to play and no other court is available.


Visitors are permitted to play at the club a maximum of 3 times in a year, and after that they need to join the club to continue to play.  Visitor fees for non-members are: adults (19 & over) £5, and for juniors (8 to 18 inclusive) £3. The supplementary fee is not charged to children under 5.