Weekly Programme

Please see below for our weekly Coaching (Booking on the Junior and Adult Coaching Tab) and Club Mix-In (Members only) Programme-


For further details on prices and booking click the Coaching tabs, for any further information please do not hesitate to contact- info@jgtennis.co.uk


Day Time Session Age/Ability
Monday 15.30-16.30 Mini Red Junior 5-8
  16.30-17.30 Mini Orange/Green Junior 8-11
  19.00-20.30 Drills & Matchplay 

Adult Improver

Tuesday 18.30-20.00 Clubnight (FREE) Adult All Levels
Wednesday 10.00-11.30 Drills & Matchplay Adult Improver
Thursday 15.30-16.30 Mini Red  Junior 5-8
  16.30-17.30 Mini Orange/Green  Junior 8-11
  17.30-19.00 Teen Squad Junior 12-16
Friday 16.00-17.00 Mini Red Performance Junior 5-8
  17.00-18.00 Mini Orange Performance Junior 8-10
  18.00-19.00 Mini Green Performance Junior 10-11
  18.00-19.00 Teen Performance Junior 12-16
Saturday 09.00-10.00 Mini Red & Tiny Tots Junior 2-8
  09.00-10.00 Adult Drills Adult All Levels
  10.00-11.00 Mini Orange/Green Junior 8-11
  10.00-11.00 Adult Drills Adult All Levels




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