Junior Coaching

Warwick Tennis Club has TennisMark accreditation demonstrating our commitment to the development of junior tennis, with a balance between a fun and a competitive environment. And we believe in starting them early so our coaching begins from the age of 21/2!

We run a comprehensive weekly group coaching programme in association with Coolsportz, with private lessons also available. All of our coaches are licensed, DBS checked and trained in first aid.

Children do not need to be a member of the Club to participate and racquets can be provided. All we ask is that children wear suitable clothing and trainers.

Group Coaching Timetable & Fees

Please see the Coolsportz website for full details and pricing.

Tots - 
21/2-3 years 
Thursday   2.00 .2.30                         
Sunday 9.00, 9.45, 10.30, 11.00

Mini Red (4-8 years)

Monday 4.30-5.30
Tuesday 4.00-5.00
Wednesday 4.30-5.30
Thursday 4.45-5.45                       
Saturday 11.00
Sunday 10.00-11.00 (6-8 yrs GIRLS ONLY)
Sunday 11.00-12.00, (5-6 yrs, YR 1 CLASS ONLY)
Sunday 12.00-1.00 (6-8 years) 

Mini Orange (8-10 years)
Monday 4.30-5.30
Tuesday 5.00-6.00  
Thursday 4.30-5.30
Sunday 12.00-1.00

Mini Green (10-12 years)

Monday 5.30-6.30          
Tuesday 5.00-6.00
Thursday 5.45-6.45

Monday 5.30-6.30 
Thursday 5.45-6.45
Sunday 10.00-11.00                 

PLEASE NOTE - Junior Club Night is on Tuesdays from 5-6pm. Juniors must be able to score to attend. The fee (paid weekly) is £2 for a member and £3 for non-members.

For more information please contact Lianne on 07919 104093 or email lianne@coolsportz.co.uk  or visit www.coolsportz.co,uk