Welfare and Safeguarding

We would like to introduce ourselves as Wayfarers Tennis Club’s new Welfare Officers. 

My name is Zac Bush and I have been an active member at Wayfarers for approx. 2 years.  I also have 4 years’ experience of being a Welfare Officer at Wealdstone Youth Football Club, where I have gained valuable knowledge of how to support the club and families with Welfare matters. Contact details are: zacbush6@gmail.com or 07736070095

My name is Jerushia Connolly and my children have been members of Wayfarers club for 10 years – I do play a little tennis myself and you will find me taking part in Cardio tennis on Wednesday evenings.  I am currently part of the safeguarding team at Glebe Primary school and have over 10 years of safeguarding experience across different educational settings. Contact details are: Jerushiaconnolly@gmail.com or 07758002691

Summary of the Role and Responsibilities of the Welfare Officer is as follows:

  • Work with others in the club to promote safeguarding, diversity and inclusion and ensure compliance with the LTA’s minimum standards for venue registration
  • Work with others in the club to ensure safeguarding and diversity and inclusion information, including policies, reporting procedures and details of the venue Welfare Officer are visible and available
  • Work with others in the club to promote the venue’s Code of Conduct(s)
  • Ensure safeguarding and diversity and inclusion is on the agenda at committee meetings
  • Act as the first point of contact for all children and adults where concerns about welfare, discrimination, poor practice or abuse are identified
  •  Work with the LTA Safeguarding Team when concerns arise within the venue
  • Maintain contact details for the LTA Safeguarding Team and key statutory agencies
  • Contact the Local Authority children’s or adults’ social care teams and the police about concerns where appropriate
  • Work with the LTA Safeguarding Team to facilitate audits of the venue in relation to the minimum standards
  • Work with the Committee and LTA to facilitate the completion of any action plan to address the results of an audit
  • Work with others in the venue to ensure the relevant people at the venue have completed a satisfactory criminal records check


We want Wayfarers Tennis Club to be a safe and secure environment for all members, especially our Juniors.  Please don’t hesitate to contact either Zac or Jerushia on the contact details above if you have any safeguarding concerns.


Wayfarers is committed to prioritising the safety & well-being of all children and adults at the Club, promoting safeguarding at all times.  The documents attached below detail our policy, striving to deliver a positive tennis experience for everybody, and to respond appropriately to all safeguarding concerns or disclosures.

Wayfarers has also now issued an updated Code of Conduct, which includes the rules for Court Etiquette. It is essential that all members conduct themselves in the correct manner at all times, and the attached Code of Conduct outlines the requirements, see link below 

The Club’s Welfare Officer's are Zac Bush and Jerushia Connoly. Contact Zac or Jerushia in the first instance if you have concerns over your own welfare or that of others. Zac and Jerushia’s details and the Club’s Welfare Policy Statement are also on the Notice Board in the Clubhouse.

Zac Bush - Tel: 07736070095                e mail: zacbush6@gmail.com

Jerushia Connolly - Tel: 07758002691                e mail: Jerushiaconnolly@gmail.com

The full details of our policy are in the following documents:

Wayfarers Safeguarding Policy 2024