Terms & Conditions

Club contact details

Club Name:

Wednesbury Tennis Club

Club address:

Woodgreen Road, Wednesbury, West Midlands WS10 9AX

Club contact name:

John Burke

Club contact email:

[email protected]

Phone: 07804 246554

Club web address:


Membership details

Club instructions for new members 

Contact John Burke on: 07804 246554

Normal Membership costs:

Family- £110.00


Individual- £70.00

Contact details for local marketing (please tick):

Name-Roger Ferreira

Number- 07988 790 721

What is the follow on offer subsidy/incentive i.e. how much discount, get a racket if join a full membership etc:

50% Full membershp runs to 31st March 2018

Please describe how the club will ensure the new member feels welcomed:

Friendly mix in sessions Sunday Morning and Wednesday Evening, Club House and bar for socialising.


Club specific Terms and Conditions

If offer is valid for new members only please specify by ticking below:

þNot been a member before

þNot been a member in the last …2… years

Free coaching will not be offered as part of the offer

What can new members participate in?

Turn up and play at any time, participate in club mix in sessions

Please list any exclusions.

May be limited court use on team match nights, details are displayed at the club house.

Please list any other terms and conditions

Adult players will be given a code to unlock the gate.