Junior Coaching

Our junior coaching programme is filled with fun and inclusive sessions for all.

Any questions on the sessions or issues with the booking system then please don't hesitate to get in touch with Matt.

If you require any private coaching then please contact Matt- Head Coach to find the most suitable coach for you.



Junior Coaching Classes 


Youth Red ( ages 4-8)

Red ball is a bigger and slower tennis ball used for this age on a small tennis court. This stage is arguably the most important to any players development. We want each player to appreciate the value of keeping the ball in the court by controlling the body/racket/ball.

Youth Orange ( ages 8-9)

Orange players will start to develop their athleticism as the court becomes bigger and ball speeds can double in speed. The age catergorys are a guide and each player can move up or down if the coaches believe its best for the player.

Youth Green (ages 9-11)

At this stage of learning each player competes on an adult size court and will hopefully understand how to keep score within new formats. This is where you can start to see unique strengths in the players game.

Youth Yellow

Under 14s When at this stage we are keeping the game fun but also are planning for each players future at the club. Local tennis is usually played in doubles format so we will start to learn skill in preparation.

Under 16s This is the final stage of junior coaching before joining in with adult sessions. We have a number of pathways from this stage but this is very much down to each individual. Some choose to keep participating but want to become a leader and help out the coaching team with the younger players, whilst others want to try competing against the adults .

Club Night
Club night is a game based session that happens each week for all members for free. Non members are welcome but would have to pay £5. It's a great chance for all members to interact on a weekly basis in a fun environment.

Performance groups available for all age groups.
These are invitational only sessions to players who are at a certain standard and want to enhance their journey in performance tennis.