The Club thrived and over the years it changed and improved.   One of the major improvements saw the “New Clubhouse” being built on Coroners Lane in 1936 with gas lighting and extended to include the Bar and toilet area in 1950.   When I joined there were three Red Shale Courts and four Grass Courts, although the Grass courts were very rarely used due to the weather!   The Club had a big membership and regularly sat down more than a hundred people to Tea on “Gents Tea Day”.

The Grass Courts were sold to pay off the loan for the third Shale court and so the size of the tennis grounds was reduced.   

The next significant change was the construction of three all weather Tarmac courts in 1987 to replace the Red Shale courts.  The membership increased rapidly and following an Open Day we ended up with over 120 members.   It soon became obvious however that three courts could not sustain this membership and with Junior membership growing as well more courts were needed.

There was only room for 4 courts, at a maximum, on the Coroners Lane site so other sites were sought.   Various attempts to put more courts on the Coroners Lane site were turned down by the Planners. 

After much searching and planning the Halton BC offered us the possibility of relocating to a piece of land between Sts Peter and Paul Roman Catholic High School and Widnes Golf Club. Our 20 year search for a new home was complete.   The site offered everything that was needed to satisfy both us.

We now have a fabulous facility with a purpose built Clubhouse inside a Structure containing 3 indoor courts and 3 marked mini tennis courts and 6 floodlit outdoor courts and an affiliated gym attached. 

We will offer top class coaching for all ages and abilities, catering and bar facilities. 

​Membership is competitively priced and open to all.  We will be competing in local, county and national competition and we will hold Tournaments of our own and also for the County.

John Woodrofe

Hon. President


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