Our coaching programme is run by Joe and Scott Ltd.

For more information and to book coaching courses got to their website here:


Wigmore LTC rules regarding coaching for non-members


All juniors on our coaching programme at Wigmore MUST BE A MEMBER. To sign-up for membership click here.  If you sign-up coaching and you are not a member, you will be invoiced for membership by Wigmore ltc. 


Non-Members can have group coaching or private lessons at Wigmore but may only be on the coaching programme for one term as a non-member and then must either sign up for membership or put their name on the waiting list for membership. Please note the following: non-members having individual coaching can do so for only one term; there is only a waiting list on full adult membership.

Non-Members will be expected to pay guest fees while on the coaching programme. Under Wigmore rules these are £2 for Group Coaching and £4  for private lessons, per lesson. For private lessons the Coach will deal with guest fees on behalf of the Client.

Those non-members of Wigmore who sign up coaching at the member rate WILL be invoiced for guest fees by Wigmore unless they become members.  Similarly lapsed members will have to renew their memberships.