Singles ladder

Singles Ladder

The Club’s Singles Ladder is open to all adult members, both men and women. If you would like to join the ladder, please contact Alex Lerczak to be added to the table below.

Singles Ladder Rules:

  • All matches are the best of 3 sets with tie-breaks played if 6 games all is reached in any set. If agreed by both players, you can play a 10-point match tie-break (first to reach 10 points with at least 2 points clear to win) instead of playing a full third set.
  • A player can challenge any player up to 2 places above their position on the ladder. Contact numbers are included in the table below.
  • If a challenge has been made, the player who has been challenged has up to 14 days during the summer, and 28 days during the winter (until the clocks change), to accept, arrange, and play the match. If the player who has been challenged fails to respond to the challenging player within the allowed time period, the challenger will win by default. If a player is on holiday, they cannot be challenged until they return.
  • If the player who was challenged wins the match, they successfully defend their position on the ladder and no change takes place. This player cannot be challenged again by the same challenger for at least two weeks.
  • If the challenger wins the match, they will be placed above the player they defeated on the ladder. If the challenger wins the match, please contact Alex Lerczak so that the required changes to the ladder can be made.



 Phone Number


 Alex Lerczak



 Mark Garratt



 Steve McCormack



 Steve Harris



Jackie Penn



Gary Foster



 Dan Clarke



Chris Mundie



Mike Bee