Junior Coaching at Woking Park Tennis

Group Lessons

We aim to create a clear pathway for our players to progress through the various stages, and we want to do this with as much fun as possible. All of our group sessions are desigend to keep the players active and engaged, creating the most effective environment to learn in. Our 5 stages of junior tennis are as follows;

Mini Blue: 4-6yrs

Mini Red: 7-8yrs

Mini Orange: 8-9yrs

Mini Green: 9-10yrs

Yellow: 11+


Current Programme (scroll down to book your course)

Wednesday  5-6pm Mini Red/Orange, 6-7pm Junior Squad 11+

Thursday 4-5pm Mini Blue, 5-6pm Mini Orange/Green

Saturday 9-10am Mini Blue/Mini Red/ Mini Orange, 10-11am Mini Green, 12-1pm Junior Squad 11+


Individual Lessons

These can be booked through the coach directly for a time that suits you best. We will then book a court for you. 
*We are currently experiencing very  high demand for individual coaching at the park so we have created a waiting list. If you would like to join this, please email luke with times and days that suit you best, and we'll do our best to squeeze you in as soon as possible.*

Luke Anderson, LTA Level 3, £38/h - luke.anderson@wokingtennis.com ~ 07808659559

Ben Baker, LTA Level 3, £38/h - ben.baker@wokingtennis.com ~ 07530440805

Jamie Donaghy, LTA Level 4, £40/h - jamie.donaghy@wokingtennis.com ~ 07758800104

Ashley Mount, LTA Level 3, £38/h - ashley.mount@wokingtennis.com ~ 07769810550