Club Membership & Visitors

Worcester Lawn Tennis Club Membership

Membership runs from April 1st through to March 31st the following year.
Existing members will pay an annual fee, and any new and prospective members who join part way through the year pay a pro-rata fee. For more  info about joining the club, you can email -  [email protected] - or take a look at the additional links on our website.  There is no Joining Fee - just the membership fee. 

Visitors are permitted to attend the club to play tennis with an existing member at a day rate of £5. This can be paid directly into the club's bank account (see below), or via the Card Reader in the Bar. Visitors are permitted a maximum of 5 visits per year before they are invited to become a full member. 

Becoming a Member
There are 2 ways in which members can renew or sign up.

1. The much preferred way. Members renew using bank transfer.
This costs us nothing and takes the least amount of volunteer time to administer.

Transfer the appropriate membership amount to:                                                                              

Sort Code 30-99-90   Account 00200927

(Worcester Lawn Tennis Club)                                        

Use your Surname and Initial as the Reference

Once the transfer has been made, please send an email to [email protected] which details:

Your Name;Your Address; Your Postcode; Your telephone number/s; Your date of birth;Your British Tennis Membership (BTM) number.
Please sign up if you haven’t done so already, you will need a BTM number to play for any of our teams.
our preferred email address for communication
The membership category you are paying for
The date you made the bank transfer and the reference you used

2: Payment by cash / cheque.
This is much less favoured as it costs WLTC to process cheques and it takes more volunteer time to administer.

If you are keen to use either cheque/cash please email [email protected] with your details as above and let us know that you want to pay cash / cheque. We will then provide the details for the transaction.

Payment by debit card / credit card online is not yet possible. When it becomes possible we would be subjected to a 4.8% processing charge and we will have to pass this on to the member.

Membership categories and annual renewal costs for 1st April 2022 – 31st March 2023- Fees are Pro-rata for when joining mid way through the year.

Full Adult - £240
Adult Off Peak - £156  (Weekdays until 6pm, Sunday from 2pm onwards)
Young Adult (18-24) £90
Junior 14-17 £72
Junior U14 £20 (The club encourages parents/guardians to play with their children at off peak times for no extra cost).
Family 2 + 2 £462

If you’re unsure about any of this, please email [email protected] and we’ll help. We may not get back to you instantly, but we aim to get back to you within 48hrs of your enquiry.