Weekly Schedule




Description & courts required


6pm onwards

Ladies Night

Any lady who wants to come down to a ladies only tennis evening to play tennis with other lady members.

3 Clay courts are booked on a Monday evening for this session*


6pm onwards

Rusty Rackets

For anyone who has just started playing tennis and is looking for a game with players of a similar standard and some handy pointers along the way.


Court 7 is blocked off for this.



Social Mix-in

Mixed tennis session for everyone to attend. 4 games played at one end, change for another 4 and then a general mix around.

6 courts to be blocked booked 8-11am*


5.30-7pm social mix in

7pm + match practise

Mens Night

All male members are invited to join in on a Tuesday night.

From 5.30pm to 7pm there is a general mix in of all men. Use the Mens WhatsApp group to see who is attending.

At 7pm pairs and sets are arranged within teams/close teams to promote better match practise. After a set or 2, pairs can play a different pair.


From 6pm all courts are allocated for men's night.


£1 for new balls and (£2 - £3 for floodlights depending on season).


2.30pm - 4pm

Walking Tennis

In conjunction with Worcester University.

Hard Courts Booked

£5 for non-members (Members Free)


8pm – 12pm


3 clays courts are booked for the session*


2-5pm onwards


Same as previous social sessions.

No Cost.

3 clays and court 7 booked*


9am onwards

Mixed Match Practise

Mixed session for match practise. 1 set played and then all players swap around, or if practising in match pairs, play a different pair.

Matches could be scheduled for a sunday morning, however there will be at least 1-3 courts for practise