2023 Junior Tournament Order of Play

We are looking forward to welcoming our junior players for the Club Tournament this Sunday 25th June. Please find below some further information for players and spectators:



All players need to arrive no later than 9.45am.

09.30: Courts available for practice

09.50: Player introduction & explanation of rules, scoring format and order of play

10.00: 7-10 years Singles on Courts 1 & 2, 11+ years Singles on Courts 3 & 4

12.00: Mixed Doubles for 7-12 years on Court 1, Boys Doubles for 11+ years on Court 4



All singles tournaments will be a Round Robin event where everyone plays everyone within their age group. Scoring will be 12 points for each match,  with the server changing every 2 points. Scores will be 1-0, etc. rather than 15-0. Players change ends every 6 points. The winner will be the player who wins the most points in ALL matches. If 2 players are level on points after all matches are played there will be a play-off to decide first place.

Doubles events will be the best of two FAST 4 sets (regular scoring (15-0, etc.) - first to 4 games or tie break to 7 at 3-3, sudden death point at deuce). There will be a 3rd set chamionship tie break to 10 if it is 1 set all after 2 sets.



11+ year age groups will use regular yellow balls and full size singles or doubles courts.

The 7-10 year singles events will be played with Orange or Yellow balls - this will be the choice of the youngest player in each match. If Orange balls are selected, the match will be played using Orange ball court dimensions with the net lowered to 80cms. If Green balls are selected the match will be played on a full size court with the net at the regular height.



Regular tennis rules will apply to all matches, but all players will be encouraged to do under arm serves if they prefer. Under arm serves can be hit before or after a bounce. 7-10 year old players can also choose to serve from the Base line or the Orange Line, irrespective of the ball colour being used.



Plenty to drink (water will be available from the kitchen throughout), snacks, sun cream, hats, etc.

Balls will be supplied for all matches.  


We hope that everyone has a positive tournament experience. If you have any questions prior to the event please contact Tournament Organiser  Andrew Bird via