About Us

Welcome to the Alfold Tennis Club—more than just a tennis haven. We’re a vibrant movement embracing the modern tennis lifestyle. Our doors swing wide for all, from eager beginners to more experienced competitors. Here, talent blooms, and friendships flourish.

Our facilities speak volumes about our commitment to your growth.  Picture LED-lit hard courts, ensuring uninterrupted play—day or night. Our coaching? It’s the forge where champions of tomorrow are shaped, elevating your skills with every serve and volley.

But it’s not just about the game. At Alfold Tennis Club, the community is our ace. Our social events pulse with life, weaving connections beyond the court. Whether it’s a friendly match or a heated tournament, each moment here births memories, laughter, and a sense of belonging.

Join our tennis family today! Let’s redefine the sport's essence, infuse your life with excitement, and connect you to the future of tennis.


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Alfold Tennis Club