Club Rules


- these must be observed as tennis play resumes at ALTC from 30th May during the Covid-19 pandemic until further notice..

- they replace the previous rules in italics below which no longer apply.


  • wear sports shoes/trainers & appropriate sportswear
  • show fair play values: enjoy, respect
  • play doubles rather than singles when courts are busy
  • let waiting players on at end of set or 30 mins maximum wait
  • return all balls to the clubhouse; put in the drying nets if damp
  • keep the courts & clubhouse tidy; use the litter bins; no smoking
  • save energy: turn off taps; switch off lights
  • lock the clubhouse door and outside gate, if you are last to leave


  • have priority on all courts Mon-Fri after 6.30 p.m. and Sundays 2-4 p.m.
  • can use balls from the Senior ball cupboard; 3 per court
  • must keep the kitchen locked after Senior play and matches
  • can use the ball machine on Court 1 using the designated tub of balls (please do not use if court is wet)


  • have priority Mon – Fri 3.30 – 6.30 p.m. (Jr Coaching Programme) and Sat 10.00 a.m. – noon (supervised Fun Tennis) on courts 2 & 3
  • can use balls from the junior rack, 3 per court
  • can use the Table Tennis table if set up by a Senior member
  • can use the ball machine but only if supervised by a Senior member
  • have no access to the kitchen unless a Senior member is present
  • must not be left at the club unsupervised by an adult if U10
  • must not be on club premises after dusk unless playing under the lights in squads, organised club nights or with Senior members.

VISITORS   (Sorry no visitors can play at present)

  • must be signed-in by a club member and pay a visitor’s fee on entry
  • pay £5 if an adult;  pay £3 if U18 or still at school (names & fees must be recorded in the visitor’s book by the club member before play &  fees passed to a committee member asap)
  • can only be signed in a maximum of 3 times per year in total

SPECTATORS/PARENTS (Sorry, not encouraged at present)

  • should view from the clubhouse or decking area for safety
  • wait to be signalled to cross the back of court 1 if play is in progress when entering and leaving the courts

SEAFIELD COURTS (Sorry not Open at present)

  • enter the courts by the gate at the S. W. corner
  • please park in Arrol drive on the side next to the tennis courts
  • there is no access to the Bowling club facilities
  • take care not to disturb the bowlers
  • club balls (3) can be taken for play then returned to Southpark Rd
  • an access key can be obtained from the Clubhouse or Mrs Hart, 23 Auchendoon Cres Tel 265624 (no charge if you are an ALTC member)
  • lock the gate after use and return the key to Clubhouse/Mrs Hart