April 2020 Newsletter (1)

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Are you good enough to do the 100-volley challenge...?

Baldocke brilliance!

With the tennis season interrupted due to the coronavirus pandemic, former world No.1 and ex-Wimbledon champion Andy Murray challenged players across the globe to keep active during the lockdown by doing the 100-volley challenge and then post a video of their work on social media. Members of Burnley Tennis Club were quick to take up the challenge with the Holt brothers – Nick and Steven – the first to try their luck. After 3,451 takes, they managed to string 10 volleys together before giving up with the elder Holt quoted as saying: “Volleying is just not my game.” (ha-ha only kidding lads, how many takes did it take again though?). Next up was Rina Peyton who cajoled her son Kieran into giving it a go and managed to reach 92 in between dodging the garden furniture out the back. It was then the turn of Craig Salmon and Paul Tyhurst. On the backstreet, with a caravan providing the perfect backdrop to proceedings,

the pair produced a backhand volley masterclass, smashing the 100-barrier and then some. It is believed at the time of going to press, the duo was still going and have now entered the Guinness Book of Records. Following that record-breaking performance, Adam Walne made an attempt with his dad Tony.  Despite an apparent dodgy knee, Walne junior dived around his back lawn like Boris Becker in his pomp on Wimbledon Centre Court to reach the century. Next up was the husband and wife team of Kevin and Laura Kay, who worked in perfect domesticated harmony to complete the challenge with ease, while Antonio Torriero and son Luca did likewise reaching the splendid mark of 145 – this despite Katie the dog looking to pounce at every opportunity. Perhaps, though, the stars of the 100-volley challenge (so far) are the Baldocke sisters Victoria and Annabelle.  They managed to accumulate 133 volleys – this despite the constant interjections of “Can I not have a go?”

f r o m dad Allistair. Seriously though, well done to everybody who has had a go at the 100- volley challenge. The gauntlet has now well and truly been thrown down to the rest of the membership. Please post your videos on Facebook, tagging BTC Tennis Club. The club also plans to produce an ambitious video where a tennis ball is struck from house to house amongst members. If you are able to join in the fun, then please forward your short video to or the Social tennis WhatsApp group.

Stay positive through the crisis Message from the committee

We are writing to say that we are thinking of you and your families as we manage our daily lives through this pandemic. We encourage all of you to remain positive, keep up your fitness routines and academic work, respect social distancing and stay safe. As we do the best we can in the present, we are also looking ahead to the days when the worst of the crisis is past and the sporting world returns We feel it is important to keep you all informed regarding what is happening at the club and things to look forward to once we can all get back on court and enjoy playing tennis again. We will also be providing a number of activities which you and your families can do together at home. (these will be sent out later) We would also like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the many members who have shown support towards the club in these challenging times. It is greatly appreciated. We have put together a number of tennis challenges, activities, quizzes and exercise plans that all members,

and family members can get involved in at home. We encourage everyone to get involved and have a go and send us your photos and videos of you taking part, which we can showcase on our social media, PR and communication platforms Membership If you have paid your membership already, we are incredibly grateful. It really helps with our cash flow and payments of early season bills and it will also contribute largely to our positive reopening of the club and we intend to do this as soon as the Government and LTA tell us that we can We kindly ask all members If possible, please can you all keep paying your memberships and be sure to know that you will all receive additional months for the exact period we are closed, we will make sure no member loses out. Payments During these times where most members are in self isolation and staying at home, please make membership renewals by bank transfer if

possible and send the funds to the following bank account details (if you paid by bank transfer last year then it’s the same details)


Sort Code: 40-15-17

Account Number: 42090031

2020/2021 fees

Adult (18 years & over on 1st April 2020 and not in education) £140.00

Student (16 years & over on 1st April 2020 in full time education) £70.00

Junior (child 8 years plus and under 16 years on 1st April 2020) £30.00

Mini (child under 8 years on 1st April 2020) - £10.00

Senior (65 years or older on 1st April 2020) – £110.00

Family (1 Adult & unlimited child from family under 16 years) - £160.00

Under the current circumstances the agreed percentage increase at this year’s AGM will be suspended and all members will pay last year’s prices as above.

Thank you for your continued support

April Newsletter (1)