Club Sessions (for all abilities)
Sundays & Wednesdays from 10am - Adult & Student Members (all year) 
Mondays 6-8pm - Junior Members only (summer season) - subject to demand 
Wednesdays from 6pm - Adult & Student Members (summer season)

Events and Tournaments
Please note that our competitions are CHTC Member only events)


Wed 14 March

Start of evening club sessions

Wed 28 March

Start of grass court season

Sun 29 April

Open Days

Sat/Sun 12/13 May

Start of junior club session (subject to demand)

Mon 14 May

Phillipa Tournament at the Grove

Sat or Sun 2/3 June

Mixed Doubles Tournament

Sun 17 June

Doubles Tournament

Sun 1 July

Quiz Evening

Fri 6 July

Vets Tournament

Sun 5 August

End of season tournament

Sun 16 September

Start of winter league

Sun 30 September

Christmas brunch

Sun 16 December