Club Rules

1 The Club shall be called ‘Castle Hill Tennis Club’ (CHTC).
2 The Committee may invite an individual to act as Honorary Club President but any person holding this position shall not serve on the Committee.
3 The Officers shall be: the Chair; Treasurer; Secretary; Captain, Vice Captain and Welfare Officer. All said officers are Ex-Officio members of the Committee.
4 The management of the Club will be in the hands of the Committee, which will consist of a maximum of five members in addition to the Club Officers. The Committee has an express power to raise or borrow money for the purposes of, or in connection with, the activities of the Club and to enter into legally binding agreements on behalf of the club. The Committee may co-opt non-voting members. A quorum of Committee members will be at least 50% of the elected Committee. A list of Committee members will be displayed in the clubhouse. The most recent approved minutes will be displayed in the clubhouse along with the date of the next Committee meeting.
5 The membership will comprise Seniors and Juniors. Senior members will be 17 years and over and Juniors 16 years or below. Junior members may be invited to play as seniors at the discretion of the Committee, and upon acceptance may not play as Juniors in the Club tournaments.
6 Membership will be at the discretion of the Committee and a register of members will be kept in the clubhouse.
7 Only members are eligible for election to the Committee, this being elected annually at the AGM.
8 Subscription renewals are due on 1 May and should be paid in full by 31 May. New members should pay in full upon joining. Subscription levels will be set at the AGM and there will be 5 levels: Senior (17+); Junior (16 or below); Full-time student; One parent & child; and Two parents & child.
9 Any member of the Club may invite non-members (guests) along to play tennis for a charge agreed by the Committee. The amount and how the charges are to be paid will be displayed in the clubhouse. Guests may play up to a maximum of five times before the Committee would expect them to join the Club.
10 The Committee will determine official Club sessions and the times will be displayed in the clubhouse. Club sessions have priority over casual play.
11 Members are expected to provide their own tennis balls with the exception of tournaments when the Club will provide them.
12 The Committee has the authority to rule if the grass courts are unfit for play due to weather conditions or excessive wear.
13 Members must wear appropriate footwear on the courts. Trainers with bars or studs are not acceptable.
14 Members are expected to wear appropriate sports wear when playing.
15 Any new undertakings and/or activities involving CHTC in any way, must receive the approval of the Committee before proceeding.
16 All members must abide by CHTC rules, a copy of which will be issued to all members and displayed in the clubhouse.
17 These rules can only be altered at a General Meeting of the Club. The Committee will notify members of such meetings and their proposed changes to these rules 14 days in advance. Members may propose alterations to the rules in writing to the secretary up to seven days before the notified meeting.
18 CHTC can only be disbanded at an EGM, where a quorum of members is present. For the purpose of this rule a quorum is defined as greater than 50% of the Club membership. Any assets remaining after the satisfaction of any debts and liabilities shall be transferred to a Saffron Walden not-for-profit organisation with similar objectives as approved at the dissolving meeting.
Revisions: AGM 13 April 2010: AGM March 2015: AGM March 2018: AGM 2019: AGM 2022

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