Membership FAQ

1. I have signed up and paid for an annual membership but I am still being charged when I go to book a court.

You need to log in the same way that you did when you bought the membership.  For example if you logged in using google when you bought the membership you will need to log in using google again when you go to book a court.  You may have a separate account which you have previously used for pay and play where you logged in a different way. However, unless the log in is the same, this will not have membership assigned to it and therefore courts costs will still apply. 

Please do also make sure that on setting up your household members that you add yourself as a member as well, otherwise you will just be a main contact and will not be able to book courts for free.

2. I don't want to set up a direct debit, but still want a membership.

If you are buying the membership online you will need to set up a direct debit.  However this direct debit is not automatically renewed.  Before the end of the membership year you will be asked if you want to renew, if you do nothing the direct debit is automatically cancelled.  However, if you still do not want to set this up you can email and we can set you up ourselves with you making the £47 payment in person at The Boathouse or The Garden Cafe. 

3. I have bought membership and had a confirmation email however I haven't been sent my code

You will be sent your code when you book your first court.  This code will then remain the same for the year and you will be reminded of it everytime you book.

4. I am struggling to move over to the LTA login

Since the LTA have enforced the way that we login (through their site) there have been some problems; for which we can only appologise.  Please do email if you are struggling and we will do what we can to get you logged in.

5.  I have always played tennis for free but now it is charging me.

If this isn't to do with your login as you can get onto your account, it could be that you have run out of hours (membership allows 5 sessions of up to an hour each 7 days ) Your allowance is on the booking date not on the date of play.  For example on one day you may book 5 hours in two weeks time, you will then be able to book more courts 7 days after you made the booking - not 7 days after you have played the booked courts. 

6. When can I get on court?

Your access code will open the gate on the court you have chosen 5 minutes before your booked slot. Make sure you are opening the right gate. If you decide not to play your booked slot, we ask for you to please cancel your booking so that other people can use the courts. Refunds / court time will be automatically given if the cancellation is 24 hours in advance of the time of play. If you do not cancel and are not using the court we reserve the right to re-book the court you have booked 20 minutes after your start time. 

7. I can't see the pin code on the booking confirmation email

If you are just seeing a black box at the bottom of the confirmation email, you need to turn your phone off dark mode then you will be able to see the number in the box.

8. Why are the membership hours limited?

Our aim is to get as many people as possible into tennis.  Membership on these public tennis courts is a little different to the many local, private tennis clubs.  The purpose of the £47 is to allow members of the public to be able to play tennis regularly at an affordable level in a beautiful park setting; we know that it can be expensive to do sport and we are removing the price barrier as much as we can. In fact if you do play 5 hours every week, each hour is only costing you 18p!  We have to limit the amount of hours members have so that these are not solely membership courts,  they need to be open and accessible to anyone who want to try tennis for the first time, or just play a few times a year or just want the odd game.    

For anyone who is still struggling with their membership do send an email to with your phone number and name and we will give you a call as soon as we can.