1.Parents are required to advise the coaches of any medical conditions before starting a tennis course, if in doubt please consult your doctor.

    •    1a.  If a child is sent to class then the coaches assume that the parent acknowledges that the child is fit to play tennis and all the associated warm-up and fitness tasks.

    •    1b. A child can not attend the class with a parent requesting that the child will be ok if... e.g. ... he/she will be fine as long as they don't have to run too much.


2. The classes will run in blocks of 10 - 14 weeks to coincide with term times.  Saturday classes tend to run through terms times.


3. Your child's place is booked on the course only when we receive payment. 

    •    3a. Once a block of lessons are booked there will be no refund, unless the class is canceled by us.

    •    3b  If your child does not like any new class after the first two weeks then we will refund the remainder of the unused classes.  After two weeks there will be no refund whatsoever.  

    •    3c. After an initial 6 week trial period children are requested to become members of the Lisvane Tennis Club to continue with coaching. Your contact detail will be passed to the membership secretary during this period.


4. Classes cancelled due to heavy rain, snow, ice or unforeseen circumstances:

     •    4a If your child chooses (maybe due to an injury or ilness)  not to attend a class  on the course they are booked on there will be no refund or no alternative class offered.

     •  4b. Our classes run in all weather, only in severe weather are classes cancelled.

     •  4d. If the class is cancelled due to adverse weather condition after it has started then there will be no refund or alternatice class offered.

     •  4d. If a class is cancelled  due to severe weather or heavy rain we will post the announcement approximately 30-60 minutes before the class start time, and you will be offered an alternative class during the current term (this may be a different day of the week).   News posted to:  - please save this link and check NEWS page before you contact us!  When classes are cancelled we will not reply to individual texts, calls or emails until we have posted on the News page.  With the unpredictable UK weather we never make the decision to cancel a class until we have checked several forecasts, normally 1 hour before class start time. 


5. Classes do not run in the month of December. This is the official tennis rest season. 


6. Players are expected to arrive to class punctually to participate in the warm-up, under no circumstances will a correct warm-up be missed if your player arrives late, for whatever reason.

    •        6a. Players make every effort to attend  classes regularly.

    •        6b. Parents/players are requested to advise the coach (by text message) in advance if a player is unable to attend the class or is late for class.  Many classes have waiting lists so it’s unfair to the child waiting if this place is not made available.


7. Squad Class:  Squad classes (strictly invite only) are for players that compete regularly and attended at least 2 group classes weekly @ Lisvane Tennis Club.  The Squad players not only compete regularly but also  show a high level of discipline during training, see 7a, 7b, 7c & 7d below.  Squad Classes are for players that are looking to take their tennis a step further, they will play regularly in the Internal Ladder and compete whenever they have the chance

    •    7a. before an invite your player may need to be technically developed  i.e. using the correct grips before being invited to a squad.  Should you want your child to be considered please speak to the Head Coach who may advise some extra lessons (if needed) to work on technical development.  Note: We have plenty of alternative clsses if your player does not yet meet the required criteria of the Squad Class.

    •    7b. squad class players try their best to make themselves available to play for the many Lisvane Teams we have on offer.

    •    7c. squad players must compete regularly i.e. play internal league matches, play for the Lisvane teams, play external local tournaments when possible, etc. 

    •    7d: have good punctuality, have high class attendance and importantly  make every effort in their training sessions.

    •    7e:  if a Squad Class player has not played an Internal Ladder (formally Box League) match for two weeks then he/she may be requested to play the match during class time.  Parents are requested to fully  support the coaches with this, the Internal Box League is our measuring tool for your player's development, ability and commitment.

***If a squad class player does not fulfill the condition in this section (section 7) then it is unlikely they will be invited to further squad classes the following term*** 


8. My child wants to be in a squad class but doesn't want to compete? The squad classes are specifically for children that compete regularly. There is more fitness training involved (S&C in every class), drills are specific to matchplay and the classes are for children that are already technically developed. E.g. Spin serves are taught in a squad class, a child not using the correct technical grip would not be able to achieve a spin serve.


9.  At Lisvane we strongly believe in group sessions for players development with all players being of a very similar ability.  This is not always possible but we make every endeavour to achieve this.  Players are also welcome and advised to have individual coaching when they need to work on something specific or need some extra help with something covered in group sessions.  


10. My child just wants to play tennis for fun? Brilliant! The majority of classes are game based to maximise fun.  We cater for every level player regardless - however points and some form of competing is always implemented in ALL our sessions


11. Private lessons - are avaiilable for ALL Club members.


12. My child wants to be in a higher class with his/her friends the same age? At Lisvane we are strict on the correct technical development for your child's ability, this may not be age related. We will not move your child to a more advanced class until we believe they are ready.   In addition, a higher class may also have a minimum LTA rating for entry e.g. Some classes may be based on ratings, commitment etc. (see section 7 above) and not age.

    •        12a. Please allow your qualified tennis coach to decide your child’s correct level and appropriate class.