Reconditioned Rackets

We have a selection of reconditioned junior and adult rackets (see our guide for the correct size).  It is important to have the correct size racket for development.  Did you know that 50% of a racket's playability comes from the rackets strings and that most junior players consider it comfortable if the racket grip is the correct size with a new grip fitted.  Don't pay attention to a racket that has loads of scratches etc. as cosmetic imperfections have absolutely no effect on the rackets playability.

With all our reconditioned rackets we will regrip the racket and if the strings are old or worn we will re-string the rackets if needed. The racket will also come with a choice of novelty vibration dampeners to stop unwanted vibration from the strings.

In conclusion, a good second hand reconditioned racket may be far more beneficial to your child/player than a brand new cheap one.