Rules and Scoring

The league is open to all genders/ages and abilities.

Matches to 11 games, if the score is 5 games each, then play the last game as a tie break to 7 points.

Points Scoring

1 point for each game won + 4 points for turning up.


Player A wins 11 games, Player B win 0 games. Then Player A gains 15 points, Player B gains 4 points.

Player A wins 7 games, Player B wins 4 games. Then Player A gains 11 points, Player B gains 8 points.

Player A wins 5 games, Player B wins 5 games, Player A wins the Tie Break. Then Player A gains 10 points, Player B gains 9 points.

At the end of the league period, 2 goes down and 2 goes up.

Send a text with games won by each player to Mark Forbes 07903 237836 or post on WhatsApp CCTC Box League.

If you want to join the league, please contact Mark Forbes.