The Club has a comprehensive junior schedule for all ages and abilities.

The Club offers the opportunity for 4 to 11 years old to play tennis in our Mini Tennis coaching programme. Players age 12 years onwards will start in our junior programme which consists of 3 levels depending on ability.

Mini Tennis group coaching is divided into 3 levels, Mini Red (4 to 8 years), Mini Orange (8 to 9 years) and Green (9 to 11 years) .

Mini Tennis is a great way to introduce young children to tennis. It differs from the full game in three main ways: Court size; Equipment; Balls

For Mini Red the court size is 12m x 6m and can be played on a badminton court or across the back of a normal tennis court. Nets are 80cm in height. Rackets are usually 17"-23" depending on the size and strength of the child. Balls are either a sponge ball for indoors or a red outdoor ball which produces a gentle low bounce.

Mini Orange is played over the regular tennis net but on three quarters of the length of a normal tennis court (18m). Nets are set to 80cm. The balls used are orange low compression ball giving a bounce appropriate for this stage of development. Rackets are 23"-25".

Mini Green is played on the full tennis court. The net is the height used in the full game. The balls are slightly firmer than the orange ball but lighter and softer than a nomal tennis ball. Racket are nomally 25"-26" at this stage.

After Mini Green the child should be ready to play the game on the full court with regular tennis balls.

At Denmead children aged 11 will go into our yellow ball group using the regular tennis balls.

The programme consists of drop-in sessions and squads. Drop-in sessions are open to all members and non-members and are paid for on a session by session basis. Squads are for small numbers of players and take place in term time. These need to be booked and paid for in advance