Feb tennis news

Hi all.  Dulwich tennis news for the start of 2016:

  • The new clay court is bedding in nicely, please sweep it afterwards "snail-style" starting at the net and ending in the middle of the court like the picture, to keep the sand on the court.  And please use the shoe brush, which we hope to move somewhere more sensible soon.   
  • Please remember to join the LTA, link to Dulwich and opt-in to the 2016 Wimbledon ballot if you haven't done already.   It's free to join, but our 2016 ticket allocation depends on the number of linked, opted-in members on 19 Feb and we cannot do it for you.    
  • Save the date for the Tennis AGM on Sunday 6 March at 1630 in the bar, we want your views on the clay court and priorities for next year.  Free drinks provided*
  • Please welcome new year new members Ali Nicholls, Doug Williams, Hilary Woof, Paul Woof,  Emma Ross, Tracey Carroll, Max Mason, Chis Stylianou & family, Thomas Dorman, Jonny Davies, Miranda Blazeby, Edward Lynch, Leanne Spencer, Rosalind Harber and Paul Calcraft.  And goodbye to Will Broadley who is moving out of the area.

* not really!