Season closes

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So here are where things are at what should be the close of the season:

Men’s A team - Division 1
- 5th out of seven with two to play.

Men’s B team - Division 2
 - 2nd - all played.

Men’s C team - Division 3
- Bottom of seven with five to play.

Ladies’ A team - Division 1
- Top with 3 to play.

Ladies’ B team - Divison 1
- 5th with 2 to play.

Ladies’ C team - Division 2
- Bottom of this tough division.

Ladies’ D team - Division 3
- 6th, all played.

Ladies’ E team - Division 3
 - 7th, all played. 

This means that the Mens’ teams should remain in their current divisions if the C team complete their matches and win but sadly the Ladies’ C, D & E teams will all be relegated.