Court Bookings For Non Members

Please select a court and a time when you would like to play.

Please bing your booking confirmation with you as you may be asked to produce it. Please be aware that Hallam Grange has done a Covid-19 risk assessment of its facilities and published this in its clubhouse window. PLEASE REMEMBER that the current LTA guidelines for playing safely during the pandemic still need to be followed. These are displayed on the clubhouse window and include SOCIAL DISTANCING and HAND SANITISING BEFORE AND AFTER PLAY. THE CLUBHOUSE IS CLOSED SO THERE ARE NO TOILET OR HANDWASHING FACILITIES. BRING YOUR OWN HAND SANITISER. DO NOT PLAY IF YOU ARE SUFFERING ANY COVID-19 SYMPTOMS OR ARE SELF-ISOLATING. Courts 1 &2 are the left hand courts of the bottom 4 tarmac courts. Please arrive shortly before your scheduled time and leave promptly after you've finished playing. CANCELATIONS will only receive a REFUND if made 48 hours in advance. USE of the facilities at HALLAM GRANGE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK.