ITC Club Constitution

February 2018

The Club shall be called the Ilmington Tennis Club (ITC)

1) To manage and maintain the Ilmington Multi Sports Facility (IMSF) on behalf of the
Ilmington Parish Council (IPC) by accruing and maintaining necessary funds.
2) To ensure the Rules of the IMSF are adhered to.
3) To promote and encourage the playing of social and competitive tennis with due regard to
the development of juniors, the availability of coaching and the encouragement of league
4) To encourage the use of the IMSF for the playing of floorball, football and other relevant
5) To support village life and activity.

Membership shall be open to anyone (unless the Committee believe membership is likely to be
contrary to the best interests of the Club). Fees shall be presented at the Annual General Meeting of
members. Fees must be paid within one month of the renewal notice being sent. It shall be within
the power of the Committee to nominate individuals as Honorary Life Members.
Paid booking of the IMSF courts shall be open to the general public including individuals, casual
and organised groups subject to IMSF rules being adhered to.

The Club will be administered by a Committee elected at the Annual General Meeting. The number
of Committee members can be varied but no less than 3 in number. It is within the Committee’s
jurisdiction to co-opt further members if necessary. Sub-Committees (e.g. Social and Playing or
Specific Sport Sub Committees) may be formed by the Committee from Club members. Members
and volunteer non members are allowed to take a role in running the club subject to the consent of
the committee.

An Annual General Meeting shall be held no later than February in any year with at least 14 days’
notice given to members. An Extraordinary General Meeting shall be held at the discretion of the
Committee or if an application signed by at least 10 members be presented to the Secretary stating
the reasons for the meeting. Members must then be notified in the same way as for an AGM.

All elections must take place at the AGM. If any posts cannot be filled at the AGM it is within the
power of the Committee to elect officers from within the membership at a Committee meeting after
the AGM.
The following officers should be elected and should serve until the next AGM when they shall be
eligible for re-election: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary and
Welfare Officer. Other officers may be elected by the committee.

Voting on all matters shall be by a simple majority of paid-up members present and voting at any
AGM. The Chairman of any meeting shall have the casting vote. A quorum at an Extraordinary
General Meeting shall be 10 paid-up members. A quorum at a Committee meeting shall be 3
members and at an Annual General Meeting shall be 8 members.

The Secretary shall keep a record of all business transacted at meetings.

The Treasurer shall present a financial report at each meeting during the year and keep and render to
the AGM precise account of the income and expenditure for the past year. All expenditure over
£200 shall be authorised by the Committee and under £200 may be authorised by the Chairman.
Cheques or online payments shall be signed or authorised by any two officers or Committee
members whose signatures are registered with the bank.

The Committee shall be responsible for interpreting or changing the Rules of the use of the IMSF or
and Constitution of the Ilmington Tennis Club.


Upon dissolution of the Club, any net assets of the Club will be applied to sporting or charitable
​purposes or other Ilmington community projects at the determination of the remaining officers of
the Club.