Adult coaching

Adult and Disabled Coaching

Adults and Teenagers

Ken has a wide experience in teenage and adult coaching in all the locations he has worked.  Adults include beginners and lapsed Players returning to the game, individual or in groups.  Ken provides a confidence building approach which draws from;

  • Any previous experience Player's previous experience.
  • Objectives of the Player

He is familiar with and practices all LTA initiatives, including:

Touch Tennis - Mini Tennis for teenagers and adults

Tennis Express - quick start tennis for beginner teenagers and adults

Tuesday Tennis - tennis coaching aimed at Ladies

Cardio Tennis - High tempo tennis with drills for fitness & tennis skills 

He sets and agrees realistic goals achieveable in a timely manner.

Wheelchair and Other Disabled Players

Ken has some experience of wheelchair Players and is trained as a wheelchair tennis coach.  He recognises that sport offers multi-dimensional functions that few other rehabilitative activities can.  Tennis creates mental situations for wheelchair Players that are common in the `real' world, such as:

  • Decision-making
  • Teamwork
  • Adversity
  • Socialisation.  

Specific rule changes, which allows wheelchair Players to participate and compete on the same field of play with the same equipment as able bodied Players, provides a true sense of achievement.

Ken is also trained to work with Deaf and Autistic Players, and has practical experience of coaching individuals and groups.