Comments from Parents of Ken's Players

Recommendations and Sponsorship

Recommendations from Schools and other locations where Ken has worked are available on request.
Here are some extracts:

He had a consistently good rapport with the children …….. all teachers said that the children enjoyed their tennis lessons ……….. the Physical Education subject leader cannot speak highly enough about Ken.     
St George & St Teresa Catholic Primary

The children and staff benefited enormously from working with Ken, he established excellent relationships with all members of the school community.          
Knowle CofE Primary Acadamy

Ken is a thoroughly prepared professional ……….  He has introduced a great number of fundamental skills into his programme ……… he encourages every child to succeed …….  He is very well liked by children and staff ……….. I can recommend him without reservation          
Dorridge Nursery and Infant

I am pleased with the quality of provision our pupils receive from Ken ……… He provides the understanding pastoral care that pupils of this age require          
Widney Junior 

Ken has coached our pupils for 2 years … a great asset to our sports coaching team … nurtured and furthered the talents of many youngsters … pupils and staff have a great rapport with him … we have been delighted that he always attends worship and been willing to lead it on many occasions … a super coach and a great friend of the school.
 Berkswell CofE Infant and Jnr.

Ken's coaching ability, reliability and willingness were of the highest standard … patience, ability and motivational skills required to handle adult coaching in an exemplary manner.
Managing Director  - New English Teas

thank you for teaching us tennis, we're very grateful 
Yr 5 Coppice school 

thank you for teaching us tennis, its been fun and exiting .... you're the best 
Sophie and Ellie aged 8

thank you for my lessons 
Isaac aged 7 

I really enjoyed my lessons with you 
Dom aged 10 

I love tennis Ken 
Sarah aged 6 

Playing tennis with Ken is more fun than riding my bike 
another Sarah aged 5

Ken built a relationship with all students from his first lesson, learning their names immediately.  He pitched the sessions at the right level for the students making sure all could access the learning with and without his support. He built up knowledge of their strengths and weakness quickly and worked on both of these during his sessions, allowing the higher ability students to learn forehand, backhand and a serve, while the lower ability students were encouraged to return the ball with support. The students thought hightly of Ken, enjoying his weekly sessions and each week asked if he would be coming to play tennis. Having a coach like Ken in school has really benefited the students as they have learnt new skills as well as enjoying a new sporting experience.                                                                               Reynolds Cross Special School

Ken's coaching in the Church Hall contributes greatly to the Community feeling in the Church ...... reinforces trust round other events provided ...... sessions are extremely well planned, excellent in execution, thoroughly enjoyed by children and valued by parents ..... recommended without hesitation.                                                                  Children's Minister Knowle Parish Church

Ken arranged tennis sessions for my Beaver Colony. The evening was run very well and the Beavers had a great evening which was both informative and fun for the children. It was good to give the children a taste of a sport they'd not played before.                                       Leader of Beaver Colony

Ken has set up and coached Years 1 and 2 pupils in our Tennis Club... a skilful coach... always ready to lead a hand in other areas of P.E. within the school and proved  invaluable at our  Sports Days ... very well liked and respected by children and staff at our school.
P.E Subject Leader
St Alphege C 0f E Nursery and Infant school

Knowle and Dorridge Racquets are thankful for all your hard work in schools on our behalf... your coaching has been well received.... children have benefited tremendously from your knowledge and enthusiasm for tennis
Club President
K & D Racquets Club

Ken is working with Niamh. He is a fantastic coach who is great with the children in the Tots tennis group.
Tots Mum

Ken has great patience with Amy and the other children - essential when dealing with Tots Tennis! He's also able to talk with the children at a level that makes sense.
Tots Mum

Zac has really enjoyed tennis with Ken and we would like to continue in September once he has started school.
Tots Mum

On feedback on the past lessons, they have helped Rukudzo gain confidence, taking part within a group with minimum interference from me. He thoroughly enjoyed Ken's way of teaching and looked forward to the lesson even when he was poorly. Comparing his first lesson to where he is now, there is a vast difference. Shows better coordination and spatial awareness. A big thank you to ken, he has done a wonderful job.
Tots Mum West Warwick Sports Club

My 4 yr old son Lucas has played tennis with Ken for a couple of months now. before he started all he wanted to do was play as a 'big boy' as seen on TV. I was worried that once he finds out he wont be able to do that in the first half hour of his first lesson he'd walk out in tears. However the opposite has happened. Straight after the first lesson he wanted more! Ken's lessons are great, learning all the 'boring' theory and essential techniques are 'hidden' in games, running round and fun. Ken is very good at encouraging and motivating everybody and builds a great relationship with the children from the moment he meets them. After Lucas's first lesson there wouldn't be one passer by who would not know about his NEW TENNIS LESSONS WITH KEN!
Tots Mum

Before working with Ken I had never played tennis before, but had always wanted to learn. I have now been playing for 4 years and continue to benefit from Ken's coaching sessions. Ken has a very systematic approach to coaching; he carefully analyses our skills, in order to identify areas for development. When introducing new skills, Ken will break them down into small steps. This ensures that we are able to fully understand the process involved in each stroke, and also to recognise when we have made even small improvements.  Ken is a great coach, who delivers fun and varied lessons. He is also a wonderful patient, flexible, enthusiastic and motivating person. I would recommend Ken to people of all ages who want to learn tennis or improve their game!
Adult Beginner

Ken has been a member of our church in Knowle from 1999 till 2014.  He has provided tennis coaching in the hall since from 2004 which has been very well received.  I'm happy to be contacted if required.
Parish Office Manager Knowle Parish Church

Thanks for your coaching over the last year, Joshua enjoyed your sessions ..... Thank you for your patience in teaching James tennis, he really loved it and will miss you lots, me too! .... Thank you for giving Sophie and Ollie such a great foundation in tennis, they will now be able to enjoy the game all their lives ..... Thank you so much for the support and encouragement given to Zac and Yasmin.  We've al really enjoyed your lessons and the game, so will definitely continue..... I will really miss you !!
Sample of responses to Ken leaving tennis in the hall at Knowle Parish Church due to a house move.

Ken works with all stds of Players, beginners to advanced, 3 to 80 yr olds. He recently spent 18 months working with red player, now recognised by the LTA as being in the top 5 in the country for his age.
Warwickshire LTA Statement.

I've worked with ken for 10 years at Solihull Arden Tennis Club and currently at West Warwicks. Sports Club as  part of the 'One Step Ahead' coaching team. Ken is a trustworthy, reliable and enthusiastic club coach. He's coached hundreds of children and adults during this time with fantastic results, due to his diligence and hard work. All children love his fun lessons, whilst adult players and parents appreciate his attention to detail at all levels.  I would not hesitate to recommend ken to anybody looking for a tennis coach.  If you require further informatoion don't hesitate to contact me.
West Warwickshire Sports Club Tennis Manager

We really appreciate your tennis expertise and style of coaching.  The boys really love playing and learning the sport with you. Thank you for all your hard work......we want to thank you so much for nominating our eldest for the most improved player of the year. We appreciate you so very much, you are a really wonderful coach.               Evesham Mom with three boys aged 8 - 13 on the Inspire2Coach Programme

Ken's tennis coaching and weekly worship leader role have enabled the development of very good relationships with school pupils, staff and the local community in the village and beyond.                                        Headmaster of Willersey CofE primary School

Ken works with children in our village hall in a very friendly and co-operative manner.                                   Revd. Canon Priest living in village

Ken is always brilliant with the boys, since starting with him they've really come on.                                              Tennis Mom West Warwick Sports Club

Thank Ken for all his fun and help with teaching Samael over the last few years.  He is keen for his tennis and we are delighted that ken has played a big part in this.  Hope to see him soon.                                                           Tennis Mom West Warwick Sports Club 

Your coaching has been incredible.                                                                                                                         Tennis Mom Evesham Tennis Club

Ken has been truly amazing and has helped my daughter in more ways than just tennis. We will always cherise the time she spent with him.                                                                 Tennis Mom Evesham Tennis Club




Ken has no Sponsors at present but would be happy to consider further offers from local businesses or other organisations.