Junior coaching

Coaching the LTA way

Successful coaching is a process.  A skilled coach needs to follow this process, giving each lesson structure and a logical progression related to the age and ability of the Player, whether child or adult, and their Long Term Development. 
The process depends on the coach being able to:

  • Know Each Player
  • Observe
  • Analyse
  • Improve Performance
  • Develop the Performance
  • Evaluate

This sequence becomes a closed loop, progressing each lesson from an 'Open' game situation, through to a `Closed' or very specific skill and back to an 'Open' situation.  

Ken recognises these elements and carries them into each Adult or Children's lesson.  In addition he brings:

  • Interest in Players as People
  • Enthusiasm for the game
  • Desire to help Players realise their potential
  • A Learning and Fun Environment to which Players will want to return. 

The LTA recommended `Play and Stay' approach, so that Players carry out some form of: 
     Serve - Rally - Score games whatever their standard.

He is familiar with and practices all LTA initiatives, including:

Tots Tennis - for Nursery Players 3-4 yrs

Tennis for Kids - Mini Tennis 4-10 yrs

Rally Awards Scheme - for Mini Tennis Players

He is active in a number of Nursery and Primary schools in lunchtime and after school sessions.

He attends regular Personal Coaching Development programmes to maintain and improve his performance.

In support of each Player, Ken provides constant equipment checks,     
 racket sizing and stringing etc. and access to experienced equipment