Mixed Night Relaunch

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We are relaunching our Mixed Club night for the 2022 summer season to give players the chance to improve their game at all levels.

Mixed Club night is a long-established part of club life. With the recent growth in our membership, we wanted to make sure that everyone has the chance to enjoy our club nights.

Starting on Monday, May 9 2022 the Mixed Club night will move from Tuesday to Monday night and will be split into the following two sessions:

  • 6pm-7.30pm: Beginners/improvers
  • 7.30pm - 9pm: Improvers/experienced

(Timings are not exclusive but reflect the level of play at that time. All members are welcome to attend either session but should acknowledge the variety of skills on court.)

The changes reflect the findings of our recent consultation with all adult members. Around half of the membership responded to a survey with the majority saying they would like a mixed club night that reflects their skill mix with many keen to improve their game and play against more experienced players.

Aims of Monday club night

Mixed in play where all club members join in and play one another, regardless of ability.

Men's night on Thursday and Ladies night on Friday will continue to offer members play against similar levels of experience.

Structure of play

Short games of approx. 20 minutes mixing, where possible, after each round, to give everyone a chance to play against different players.

Over time the evening should self-manage with no expectation of any one person to take responsibility. Although in the initial few weeks it may be helpful for some of the more regular club members to help the games to flow. 

We will keep the club night under review and would like your feedback and suggestions.


Players are invited to join a club wide whatsapp group for updates and general chat about Monday Club Night

Please note there is no mixed club night on Monday May 23 as there is a Ladies league match, but please come along and support our team.