Member's Guests

Guest Rules

  • Each guest can play at the club up to 6 times a year  (this will be reviewed by the committee periodically).
  • Before playing - Members must sign in their member and pay a visitor fee of £5 (see instructions below)
  • Junior members are only allowed junior guests - not adult guests 
  • Guests are your responsibility at all times and must leave the club with you
  • Any member that fails to adhere to the guest rules will firstly receive a reminder, then have their booking rights restricted, then be suspended and finally be asked to leave the club.

Signing In and Paying for Guests

The Court Booking system requires the guest fee to be paid per half hour slot.  This is in contravention of our policy of £5 per guest visit, regardless of the court time booked (up to 2 hours).

To get around this, please use the following procedure should you wish to book for more than 30 mins:

1) Select a 30 min slot from those available on the Court Booking system

2) Click 'Add Participant'

3) Add Name

4) Click 'Save'

5) Select 'Guest' from dropdown menu (default setting)

6) Click 'Continue booking'

7) Click 'Confirm & Pay'

8) Add credit/debit card details & pay

9) Once booked, re-enter booking system for slots after the booked slots & book in the normal way but WITHOUT adding any additional participants.

10) If you are unable to pay on-line, you can simply add your guests name with booking time & £5 in the cashbox in the Clubhouse

Any issues, please contact