Court Booking

Please select a court and a time when you would like to play.

Court Booking Rules

To ensure that the courts are safe for use during the corona virus pandemic we recommend that you book the use of a court in advance.

You can make a booking for up to 2 hours in half hour slots.  You must be a paid up Mellor Tennis Club member to use the courts.

If the court has been booked, then the booking party takes precedence over use of the the court in the event that the court is already being used by someone else.

Please refer to LTA guidelines regarding play

Anyone taking part in tennis activity should be aware of whether they are in an area with local restrictions, and if so what the restrictions are as they may impact on aspects of the activity beyond the tennis court, such as travel or restrictions on socialising with people outside of your household around the tennis venue.

Please remember to stay alert, control the virus, save lives