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Neil Biddle Tennis

Neil Biddle Tennis is a professional tennis development company. Our founder, Neil Biddle, has been at the forefront of tennis Developemnt Coaching  since 1989 when he started teaching in a local park and approached a primary school to offer his services. Since then, Neil and his team have helped introduce thousands of children and adults to the game of tennis.

The coaches that work within Neil Biddle Tennis are often chosen from within the junior coaching program. All four of the current coaching team have come from this route and have the same knowledge and passion as Neil.

We specialise in the development of tennis from grass roots. Our experienced team of coaches can take players from complete beginner through to county tournament standard. Neil Biddle Tennis believes tennis is all about fun, be it socially playing with friends or competitively playing in tournaments.

We also create strong club links in the local community. Giving other clubs better structure and renewing / growing club facilities. If you would like help developing your club give us a call

Where we teach

Here are the Neil Biddle Tennis venues where you can play. Choose a venue to visit...

  1. Oakwood Tennis Coaching

    Oakwood Tennis Club, Old Road, Crayford, Kent, DA1 4DN

  2. Swanley Community Coaching

    Swanley Community Tennis, St. Mary’s Road, Swanley, Keny, BR8 7BU

Our Partners

Oakwood Tennis Club
Swanley Community Tennis