Q. I am trying to enrol my children, Do I need an account for each child?

A. Yes. 


Q. I am having problems signing in?

A. Here is a video on how to set up an LTA account. If you are still having problems, please email us at hello@net360cic.uk


Q. How do I enrol on the course as a member to get my membership discount?

A. When you got to the NET 360 website, select a programme from the drop down website, then you will see a person icon in the top right corner of the web page, click on it and then click the login button. Once you have selected your session, press ‘Book Now’ and this will take you to page to select the player and click on ‘switch to member’, this will apply your membership discount. 


Q. When are the courses open for enrolment?

A. Our courses run as six-week blocks. The following block will go on sale two weeks before the current block ends.


Q. Do I need an LTA account to enrol on a course?

A. Yes, here is the link to set up an account. Please watch this video on how to book and set up an LTA account if you need it.


Q. What happens if we can’t attend a session one of the weeks?

A. NET 360 doesn't offer refunds for sessions you can't attend in the block. However, if you inform us before the start date of the block, we will offer you to attend another suitable session to make up for the session you can't attend. This must be communicated to the team before the start date or else we can't secure you a space onto the alternative session for the one-off session.


Q. How do I use my credit?

A. If a session is cancelled the NET 360 team will provide you a credit for the session via email. This will then be applied to your account.

To use the credit for a future session, book onto a session as normal, then at the checkout, before paying you will be provided with the option to use the credit. 

Once you have applied for the credit this will come off your total amount. 

Q. How do I pay using my gift voucher?

A. When you go to pay for a course, select the option gift voucher. Email hello@net360cic.uk to inform the team you will be using the voucher for the programme of your choice and what dates you wish to attend.

You will also need to provide the participants name so we can add them to the register.


Q. What happens if a session is cancelled?

A. You will be notified and automatically given a credit to use against a forthcoming session. 


Q. How do I sign up to the LTA?

A. Here is the link to sign up for an LTA Advantage account. 


Q. How do I enrol

A. We offer a number of junior and adult programmes. Once you have set up your LTA account please take a look on our website www.net360cic.uk under ‘Our Programmes’ at what sessions you are interested and click on the relevant links to book. If you are having difficulty, please email us at hello@net360cic.uk


Q. How do I pay for a course with childcare vouchers?

A. Use our Ofsted registration number 2694494  to pay through your childcare voucher provider. We accept childcare vouchers from the following providers:

  • Computershare
  • Fideliti
  • Edenred
  • Sodexo
  • Kiddivouchers
  • Care 4

You can use childcare vouchers to pay for Junior group coaching programmes and Holiday Tennis Camps.

Here are the details you need for the childcare voucher providers:


Organisation name: NET 360 CIC 

Beverley Park LTC - Registration Number: 0026873061        

Rockcliffe Bowling & Tennis Club - Registration Number: 0026873088   


Organisation name: NET 360 CIC 


Organisation name: NET 360 CIC                             


Organisation name: NET 360 CIC 

Beverley Park LTC - Ref No: P21330016 

Rockcliffe Bowling & Tennis Club - Ref No: P21330008 


Organisation name: NET 360 CIC 

Carer ID: 916292


Organisation name: NET 360 CIC 

Username: 13374336

It is vital that the course reference is used so that we can cross reference payment information. All of our courses have a reference.


Q. Can I enrol my child on a course that has already started?

A. Yes for some courses as most of them are calculated on a pro rata basis. Funded programmes such as LTA Youth Start or LTA Youth Girls Intro will be charged at the starting fee to cover the price of equipment.


Q. What happens after Youth Start?

A. Youth Start is a six introductory course to tennis for juniors. Once complete you are encouraged to join our main LTA Youth programme, which runs on a Saturday morning or Tuesday evening. Speak to your coach about which session to join once you come to the end of Youth Start. 


Q. I have not received the Youth Start/Prime Youth Girls t-shirt, racket and balls?

A. The equipment comes directly from the LTA but please let us know and we can chase this up on your behalf. 


Q. We do not have a racket, can we borrow equipment?

A. Yes we have equipment to borrow. All we ask is that you come in appropriate clothing and footwear.