Club Tournaments -Handicap

Welcome to the PLTC 2021 Handicap Tournament. The draw has been made and the fixtures and contact list are now up on the notice board outside the Clubhouse. The first round of matches can now begin, so please start contacting your opponent(s) to make arrangements, and the very best of luck to everyone.


We have put together some helpful information regarding the format of the tournament, including the Rules and Guidelines, which you should take time to read and digest (and may we suggest keeping a copy with you should you need to refer to the rules during your fixtures). Most of the rules are fairly straight forward, but as this is the first time some of you are playing in our Handicap Tournament, some may find the Handicaps themselves the most confusing part…. but please don’t panic, just take your time and don’t be afraid to speak up and ask for help/clarification with them.


As soon as you have completed your fixture, the results should be added to the draw sheets on the noticeboard by the winning player(s) and/or emailed to [email protected] so we can keep up to date with everyone’s progress.


Match format

All matches are the best of 3 sets, i.e. first to win 2 sets.

A set is won by the first player/pair to win 6 games, so if the score is 5-5 whoever wins the next game wins the set. There are no tie-breaks.

We encourage you to keep shouting the scores out as you play each game, as this way it’s easier to keep track of them!


Arranging matches

Traditionally, the person/pairing at the top of each match is responsible for contacting their opponents to arrange the match, and in the modern world of WhatsApp and social media this should be fairly straight forward to do.



Players should provide their own balls for all rounds except for the final where balls will be provided by the Club. Tubes of new balls can be purchased from behind the bar for just £4 per tube.


Rain/Bad Weather

In the event of a partially completely match being called off due to rain or bad weather, the rearranged game will begin with the score of completed games and sets, partially completed games will not count.


Court Availability

Please continue to use the Club Spark booking system to book your courts.




Handicaps Explained

  • Each player/pair has been assigned a specific handicap which they will retain and use throughout the Tournament, which will look something like this; -30, or +15 or -15 ½ or +15 ½ etc.
  • Handicaps of -15, -30, -40 etc mean that you have to work back through to love and then continue the game as normal. So -80, -70, -60, -50, -40, -30, -15, Love, 15, 30, 40, Game.
  • Handicaps of +1/2 mean the player/pair begins their ODD games on Love and their EVEN games on +15
  • Handicaps of +15 1/2 mean the player/pair begin their ODD games on +15 and their EVEN games on +30
  • Handicaps of -1/2 mean the player/pair begin their EVEN games on Love and their ODD games on -15
  • Handicaps of -15 1/2 means the player/pair begin their EVEN games on -15 and their ODD games on -30
  • You are also able to cancel some of your handicap out depending on your opponent’s handicap. So for example, if one player is on -15 and the other player is on -30, then to reduce the length of the games, the first player can play from Love and the second player from -15.
  • You should be conscious of what side you start serving from. For example, if you are playing from -15 then you should start serving from the left hand side, rather than the Deuce side, so when you get back to 0 you are on the correct side.
  • Finally, the first game of the match is always ODD (i.e. Game 1)… and from then on you keep counting. So if you were to win the first set 6-4, the first game of the second set would also be odd (i.e. game 11), but if you were to win the first set 6-5, then the first game of the second set would be even (i.e. game 12).


Do not worry if you get things muddled… it WILL happen! Remember, someone is likely to be around to offer you some guidance, but as long as the matches are played in the best spirit and with best endeavours then the tournament will be a great success.


Tournament Schedule

Finals day is Saturday 10th July, which gives everybody just over 4 weeks to complete their fixtures.

To ensure the tournament runs smoothly, you must follow the deadline detailed below and on the draw sheets displayed on the noticeboard. This will ensure there is no backlog of matches and avoid any holdups. In the unfortunate event of un-played matches holding up the tournament, then regrettably these will be scratched.


  • First round to be completed by                      Friday 19th June
  • Second round to be completed by                 Friday 26th June
  • Third round to be completed by                     Friday 3rd July
  • Semi’s to be completed by                             Thursday 8th July
  • Finals Day                                                        Saturday 10th July


Thank you all for entering and good luck!




PLTC Committee